Part 116s – Smith Genealogy – 1848 Baptism - Great-Granduncle Victor Smith

15 November 2009


Blog administration completed… Sunday mornings. And the email comments are coming in. Thanks Helen, for the Sheridan family tip. We’ll see what turns up later today when I start my Internet ancestry search. Hopefully today I can work on reducing at least one of the genealogical mountains of paper.

This afternoon the first ancestor and family tree posting is the Baptism Entry for great-granduncle Victor Smith. I located the following page on the FHL [1526356] microfilm. The page is included in Item 8 of the microfilm.

For your edification, Items on the FHL microfilms can be likened to chapters in a book, or to divisions. A microfilm can have one or many Items. Usually it is a sequence in the filming of a document, or a series of documents, books, related or unrelated, and that are included in a FHL microfilm. As you can see at the image of the summary of FHL [1523656] at the section of page titled “Film Notes” there is only in total, one microfilm number – FHL INTL Film [1523656]. But there are many Item numbers, from 1 through and including 20. This is a facilitation that assists with a search of images on the film. In this case the filmed image of the page for the Baptism Entry for great-granduncle Victor Smith should be found on the microfilm at Item 8, and it does.

The microfilm FHL [1523656], Item 8 is Baptisms 1844-1892 of the microfilm that includes the Parish registers of 1784 through 1971 of the Anglican Church, of the Parish of St. George in Grenada. With corresponding technology I have made a jpg copy of the image, and with the use of certain software I have attempted to trim the external parts of the film background of the page, sharpen the legibility, and reduce the bleed-through from the back-page, and tweak the image so that I can get a reasonable facsimile. With other software I have highlighted the actual entry for quick reference.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada 
and Family History Library

My transcription -
Page 44

Baptism Solemnized in the Parish of Saint George in the Colony of Grenada in the Year of Our Lord 1848

Born 24 Jany /48 JAA
When Baptized – 1848 October 1st, No. 338
Name & Age – Victor Son of
Parent's Name
Christian, Surname – James & Cecilia Smith
Abode – St. Leonard, Parish of St. George
Quality Trade or Profession – Carpenter
By Whom the Ceremony was performed – J.A. Anton, Rector.

If you have any questions or comments or information that may be helpful to the research please email me.




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