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29 November 2009

Early Morning,

Couldn’t sleep tonight so I thought I would work on the first draft of the Crossley Descendant Chart. This is one of my ancestral lines in my genealogy that I have been able to uncover a great many generations. My earliest Crossley ancestor is my 8-times great-grandfather Anthony Crossley.

For some of us in our part of the family tree we could be his 10-times great-grandchild. From the records and history that I have been able to gather he was born in around the north-western part of England, in about Lancashire. I’ll provide some more documentation and possible evidence in future posts. He is alleged to have been born around 1655… and that’s about 354 years ago. Wow!

St Chad’s, Rochdale Photograph copyright: Alexander P Capp
Source: Geograph website and reproduced here in accordance with the terms of the site licence which can be viewed at this link

His wife was 8-times great-grandmother Martha (née Fielding) and they were purported to have been married at St. Chads, the Rochdale Parish Church, in the County of Lancaster about February 1679.

And here is the new Crossley Descendant Chart. This Chart is larger than normal, and may take more than one page to print.




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