My Tangent – When I Feel Older I Think of The Genealogy of Mayflies

29 December 2009


The sun is shining outside today. It’s a normal frigging cold Florida winter day. After having been here over a quarter of a century, my blood has so thinned out that I’m now wearing sweatshirts and socks. We’re having our week of winter.

And writing about feeling older… Today I’m 21,194 days old. In the world of Mayfly genealogy, I can’t even imagine the number of greats a single adult Mayfly can affix to a great-great-ad-infinitum ancestor to that number of days, albeit generations. I know I shouldn’t complain but in its annual life cycle, the Mayfly only lives as an adult for one day. Hell, I couldn’t imagine being a child or a teenager for the majority of my life, but then on the other-hand think of all you would need to pack into a single 24 hours.

My biorhythm today states that my general well-being is momentarily good, but its tendency, I think referring to my well-being, is declining and getting worse. What a bloody poor way of selling ads for a website! The physical prognosis is that I should not exert myself today! My reading states that I had better relax than over-strain. Emotionally, the biorhythm reading commends me that I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. The time for self-pity is over. And intellectually, I can now finish demanding tasks without any great concentration efforts. It extols that I have many good ideas.

Therefore my ideas: walk the dogs; clean up the yard; start sorting through the piles; and play the piano. Shrimp curry for supper tonight… I will relax.

And the ancestry search continues.

As always, enjoy…



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