Part 161b - Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy - An Updated Brunhammer Descendant Chart

28 December 2009

Early morning,

Now I can go to bed. I have been working on an updated Brunhammer Descendant Chart. If you examine this Chart you will see a number of new descendants, or vice versa, ancestors. It is far from finished but it certainly much further along than I expected to get at this point in time. Everyone that has been added to or changed from the previous Descendant Chart is in red. There are 36 individual additions and changes.

And this is most definitely not the end. This is a project in progress. The majority of new information has been gathered from US Censuses, from the following states: California, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. I also decided to limit myself to only four spellings of the surname; Bruhamer, Bruhammer, Brunhamer and Brunhammer. There are a lot more as I mentioned in Part 146b and I have found more, but in most cases the others can be read as either a misspelling or a transcription error.

Because the Chart has grown so large and in order to present it without forcing you to go blind, I have been able to display it in three parts. If you click on anyone of the parts you should be able to view an enlarged image. Also, I believe that you should be able to print all three individual parts and they should fit together with some ease.

And here are the three parts -

As always, I have attempted not to include any person who is currently living, with the exception of Andy, and this is for the sake of privacy.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any additions and questions.




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