Part 139a – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Abraham Descendant Chart

07 December 2009

Morning again,

I thought I would stick to my list of Expectations and attempt the first on my list – Create a New Abraham Descendant Chart. This Chart completes the eighth one of my Ancestral Lines as depicted on the Sixteen Ancestral Lines in Part 58s.

As you can see, with a magnifying glass of course, there are quite a number of Abrahams provided on this Chart. The information that I have been able to gather has been from a number of sources, especially regarding the siblings of my gg-grandfather Benjamin Victor Abraham. (You can find him at about the center of the Chart.)

From the various sources I have seen and read, the number of siblings at that generation varies between 16 and 22. I have provided initially a family total of 18. This number, as well as the information may change from time-to-time based on the sources found and accessed. Also from my preliminary readings I have discovered that the number of Levy ancestors, especially those of ggg-grandmother Rebecca (née Levy) Abraham may increase substantially.

Much credit is to Bernard for his research and information at our gg-grandfather Benjamin Victor Abraham’s generation. Thanks Bernie.

If you have any questions, comments, and information to add, please either comment to this Posting or email me.

And I really don’t know what the little vertical red line in the upper left-hand corner is that keeps appearing on my recent Charts. It has something to do with the software I’m using; GenoPro and SnagIt. If anyone has a fix please let me know.




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