Part 144gr – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Goodey & Robertson Families, Circa 1916

10 December 2009

Early Morning,

I would venture that the next highlights of great-grandmother Mary Alice (née Crossley) Goodey’s in her life, to be recorded in this genealogy, would be the birth of her three children. The three Goodey children were my grandmother Madge, grandaunt Claris, and granduncle Cyril Crossley. To date I have not acquired any earlier photographs, and would tender this family grouping taken sometime between 1915 and 1917.

The Goodey and Robertson Families
Back (l to r): Granduncle Cyril Crossley Goodey, Grandaunt Claris Goodey,
Grandfather Frederick Henry Robertson, and Grandmother Madge (née Goodey) Robertson
Middle (l to r): Great-Grandmother Mary Alice (née Crossley) Goodey,
Great-Grandfather Joseph James Goodey, and Aunt Joan Mary Robertson
Front: Aunt Audrey Madge Robertson

Grandmother Madge was born 16 February 1891. (The preliminary details of grandmother Madge’s birth can be seen at Part 76g.) Grandaunt Claris was born 14 June 1892 and granduncle Cyril Crossley on 13 September 1900. (Information and date regarding the births of grandaunt Claris and granduncle Cyril Crossley will follow in future postings.)

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