Part 147g – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1868 Birth - Great-Grandfather Joseph James Goodey

13 December 2009


Yesterday morning I decided that I would present the documentation that I have collected on the life of great-grandfather Joseph James Goodey. He was my mother’s mother’s father. And so I set about the task of gathering all data I may have from the recesses, nooks, and crannies of my PC. I have had genealogy and ancestral info of my great-grandfather Joseph James for some time.

Great-grandfather Joseph James was married to great-grandmother Mary Alice (née Crossley); see Part 142gc. The inserted picture, taken circa 1915/16, is of great-grandfather Joseph James Goody and one of his granddaughters, my aunt Joan Mary Robertson.

I found that I have a number of pieces of information, but to my amazement I could not find whether or not I did have a copy the page containing his Baptism Entry. Subsequently, I spent a number of hours opening folders and files, searching my desktop and then searching the Internet and associated genealogy providers.

My conclusion, I don’t have any documentation regarding a christening or baptism.

But I do have paperwork, regarding his birth, marriage (Part 142gc), and death.

The Civil Register Index for Births registered in October, November, and December 1868, page 177 follows:

Sources: England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes, General Register Office, London, England and

The information provided is:
Name – GOODEY, Joseph James
District – Poplar
Vol. – 1c
Page – 661

Please note that successful links can also be found via FreeBMD and

I was able to get a Certified Copy of an Entry of his birth registration from the General Register Office in England.

Sources: England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes,
General Register Office, London, England

My transcription –
Application Number PAS 590725/1
1868 BIRTH in the Sub-District of Bow in the County of Middlesex
No. – 205
When and where born – First November 1868. 24 Arnold Road, Bromley
Name, if any – Joseph James
Sex – Boy
Name and surname of father – George Goodey
Name, surname and maiden surname of mother – Maria Goodey formerly Miller
Occupation of father –Paper-Maker
Signature, description and residence of informant – M. Goodey, Mother, 24 Arnold Road, Bromley
When registered – Eleventh December 1868
Signature of registrar – S. Lewiston?, Registrar
Name entered after registration –

The registration of great-grandfather Joseph James’ birth took place 141 years plus a couple days ago. And from the picture I just discovered via Google maps, there may have been some changes to 24 Arnold Road in Bromley.

As always, in in most cases, time changes things. And if anyone may have an image or photograph of Arnold Road in the late 1800s and early 1900s, I certainly would appreciate hearing from you.




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