Part 154p - Smith Robertson Genealogy - 1841 Birth - GG-Grandmother Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley

19 December 2009


After spending yesterday morning with a dead car, I waited for the phone call to say “Mr. Smith, your car is ready… and it will be one quadrillion dollars.” I might as well buy me a ticket to the moon. Some gizmo in the car froze all the working systems. I may be computer literate, but I’m certainly do not converse in auto-computerese.

The car was fixed and on the way home I stopped at the Jamaican grocery shop and picked up my supplies of frozen patties, canned ackees, green plantains, frozen conch, red kidney beans, and smoked herring.

I then remarked that a number of portals into my navigation system in my car were frozen. So it was back to the auto shop. And I learned that I had to press this button with that button, while holding open the door for this many seconds, while the GPS signal connected, and then I had to sit the electronic key at just the right angle so that the lines of the connection could get through... You get the picture. And I was told that it had to do with the car deciding that my personal information was too personal for me, and oh by the way "had I read the correct page in the manual?" And I asked which one of the three manuals? Can I get this damn thing going? It's now working.

And I sat, and waited. And not being one to sit quietly without doing something, what I perceive as constructive, I continued my write-up of gg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley.

Sources: The National Archives, London, and

And as you can see on this 1841 image there are actually two identical entries. I’m not sure if the duplication means anything or just that the scribe may have been somewhat confused or swamped with work on that specific day. In my learning, I understand that as Civil Registration had begun at about 1837, it may have taken sometime for all points and designated offices to get into “the routine” of the program.

My transcription –
SURNAME of Parent – Parker, Parker
NAME (if any) or SEX of CHILD – Elizabeth, Elizabeth
SUP. REGISTRAR’S DISTRICT – Clitheroe, Clitheroe
Vol. – XXI, XXI
Page – 378, 378

Sources: The General Register Office, London
Transcribing –
Application Number COL388967
1841 BIRTH in the Sub-district of Clitheroe in the Counties of Lancaster and York
No. – 360
When and where born – Tenth of February 1841, in Twiston
Name, if any – Elizabeth
Sex – Girl
Name and surname of father – John Parker
Name, surname and maiden surname of mother – Elizabeth Parker formerly Kendal
Occupation of father – Labourer
Signature, description and residence of informant – The mark of X John Parker, Father, Twiston.
When registered – Third of March 1841.
Signature of registrar – Henry W. OMalley? Registrar
Name entered after registration - -
CERTIFIED to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a Register of Births in the District above mentioned.

And all-things-being-equal this is the Birth Registration gg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Parker) Crossley.

But? And this is where you have to stay tuned for the next Posting,




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