My Tangent – To Light Or Not To Light The House

18 December 2009


As a number of you have asked as to whether I have gone crazy or not, (which of course is debatable), with the all the Holiday and Christmas images and animations on my Postings, I have to answer that I could have. I could have lost it completely. But this Christmas season, I kept asking myself if I should put up the decorations and trim the house with all the lights that just sit in boxes in the attic and the garage all year. And this is somewhat a dubious question as I’m trying to figure out ways to reduce my overall monthly electric bill. This past month I was able to reduce it by $103.00.

This is not being a Scrooge, and there are many writings and articles that reflect the fact that Christmas lighting, in moderation, does not produce that much energy, but I thought that I did not want add back to my monthly costs what I had succeeded. I calibrated the approximate costs for a neighbour’s house down the street and came up with an almost extra $197.28 of power costs that will be added to their bill this month. (And their house is not one where the cars are lining up in the street for a close up.)

You can check out your approximate costs using the calculator at the Christmas Lights & Decorations website.

And so I decided nix the lights on the house, and spend some gas money and go out and check some other’s expenditures. And then I decided that I would decorate my Blog site and my regular Postings.




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