My Tangent – It’s Cold!

10 January 2010


You really know it is cold in Florida when you turn on the shower and the glass walls all steam up… And the air is thick and condensed in the humidity that you’re so used to, but you can’t see a thing for the fog from the two shower heads. And it’s blowing outside and you can hear the wind whistling bloody cold from the edges of the shower stall window. Then you get yourself under the steaming and spiking needles of the blood-stinging deluge. You lather up the soap and start loofa scrubbing your body raw to incite the warmth to reach into your skin. And as your working down your leg you fall flat on your ass when you realize that you still have your socks on! That’s Florida cold! Damn it’s cold!!!

My gardening outside has taken on the new glorious shades of brown. The cold and the friggin’ temperatures have caused them to change overnight from their glorious greens and yellows to the subtleties of beiges and browns and chocolate. The butterfly bushes and bamboos are quickly shaking off their leaves in the flurry of mini-winds. The banana leaves and the bird-of-paradise plants are drooping. Our week of winter is here.

The cold here is nothing like the New Brunswick cold I remember. It was even warmer in Wilmington, Delaware this morning… thanks, Dan. And now the question is do I plan a new farm for a forthcoming spring or do I join the local hydroponic co-op a couple of miles away.

We went to see Avatar this morning. I was truly amazed with what James Cameron had accomplished with this movie. The two hours and 40 minutes just seemed to flash away as I was enthralled by his film. The story line is not a new one; it’s the handling of the telling that is almost exquisite. There is some much to take in that I know my pea-brain will have to see it again and again just to handle the new detailing that he had introduced. The colours, the sense of music, the cross-over visuals, the complete picture… the 3D, the surround-sound… It is a banquet for the senses. Thank you Mr. Cameron for your gift…




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