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24 January 2010


Does anyone know of any adaptation to the idiom “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”? Well as of last night I do. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, or he might bite himself!

Tinker, the rescued Rat Terrier may have been abused somewhat prior to arriving at our house. And then again it just may be one of her many quirks. She initially, after we took her in, would wake up from a deep sleep with a start and a scream and then she would bite. And that was over a year ago. Well she had calmed down and stopped biting... or so I thought.

Last night, all 11 pounds of her was asleep beside me when I was awakened to a pair of fangs and set of canines piercing my right hand. I’m the one who screamed, at 3:30 in the morning. And the next thing I knew I had bit down so hard that I broke one of my own teeth, I think one of my caps.

So there I was, bloody hand and spitting out broken bits of tooth, trying to clean up and remain calm. And when I awoke this morning, who should be cuddled up beside me… that’s right Tinker the Terrier, the Terror Thumb Tearer and Tooth-Trasher of Tampa.

I certainly appreciate everyone’s thoughts and comments about the changes that I’ve made to my Blog, Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt. And I can say more are on the way. The majority of the requests have to do with how you navigate through the Blog. Some of you are interested in the different individual Genealogies and some of you are interested in our Quilts.

And I’ve noticed that traffic has increased since I began my Blog last May. This is great. The average of number pages visited has now hit at 25 pages a day. Thank you.

The next change, on the horizon, will be your ability to easily access the past information that you are interested. And this access will be on PC, Notebook, Laptop or Mobile. All-things-being-equal I hope to be able to set up the navigation on the Blog coupled with a Website that will be interesting, appealing, and easy to use. Please send me your suggestions.

My goal is not so much as to present, as I’ve written before, a series of begats, but more to allow you to be able to be a part of my own work, search, and research. My work in Genealogy is such that I get a kick in just that, the working and research of genealogy. And thanks to all of you who have been sending me suggestions and ideas, and your thoughts and assistance.

Oh and by the way, I didn't bite down on Tinker. I bit down, or up on me.




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