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24 January 2010


And to continue my indenture and record transcription project, I am still working on those documents from the Grenada Register of Records. My source is from one microfilm FHL [1563328].

There are from my finding, I believe 33 microfilm reels in this specific collection the Registers of Records, 1764-1931, of the Supreme Court of Grenada.

As I am searching for clues to the very existence of my ggg-grandfather James Smith, the senior, I have been loosely restricting myself to those records which may have been entered to the Registers between the years from 1764 through about 1850 and which contains any entry of the surname Smith. My present count is about 13 microfilms. And I am still only on the first one, FHL [1563328], Register of Records 1797-1817 (v. G2-R2).

Each microfilm is subdivided into Items or Chapters. To date I have transcribed Items 1 through 4. Last night I began on the first Record from Item 5.

The mention of a Smith in this Record is that of one Andrew Smith. He appears to be an Attorney who is located in London, England and is about to or has already departed for Grenada and the West Indies. The date of the Power of Attorney is 19 November 1806.

From the information that I can glean from this record there is no concrete evidence that there is any genealogical connection to my ggg-grandfather James.

Here are the three pages, images; 177, 178, and 179 of the document.

And here is my transcription. A “?” attached to a word is a transcription that I am not sure of, and a “_____” represents a word that I cannot make out.
Entd 12th Feby 1807
Know all Men by these Presents that I John Cock of the
City of London Merchant in Partnership with Robert Farquhar of the
same City Merchant (now absent from thence) and also in Partnership
with John Farquhar of the Island of Grenada Merchant trading in
London under the firm of R. Farquhar and J. Cock and in Grenada
under the firm of John Farquhar & Co acting for and in behalf of myself
and my said Partners have made or claimed constituted and appointed and by
these Present do make or claim constitute and appoint Mr. Andrew Smith
now in London but on his departure for the West Indies Gentleman my
true and lawful Attorney to whom I hereby give full Power and Author-
ity for me and my said Partners and in our Names aforesaid on behalf or in any other legal
Manner _____ ask? demand recover and receive of and from any Person or
Persons whomsoever _____ on the Island of Grenada aforesaid or elsewhere in the
West Indies whom it doth shall or may concern all and every the ʃum
and? ʃums of Money both principal and Interest Costs and Charges, Bonds,
Notes, Bills Goods, Wares, Merchandizes Effects and Things whatsoever that now
and or hereafter shall or may be any ways due every payable or belonging to me
and my said Partners under our aforesaid Forms or either of them or an Account
whatsoever and without any Exception or _____, likewise to attach execute
any Attachments or Attachments, to be made in the hands of any Person or
Persons whomsoever in Grenada aforesaid or elsewhere in the West Indies
of any Goods, Wares or Merchandizes Sum or Sums of Money the property of
or in any _____ appertaining to any person or persons indebted to me and
my said Partners under our respective firms aforesaid And to pursue
such attachment or attachments until Judgment shall be obtained And if
need be to proceed against any Garnishee or Garnishees in the usual
and regular Manner as to withdraw any such attachment or Attachments Also
to accept and take Security for any Debt or Debts ʃum or ʃums of Money
that is ore shall or may be owing to me and my said Partners under our said
respective firms or either of them as aforesaid Likewise upon Payment or Satis-
faction of any such Debt or Debts or of any Judgment or Mortgage for us
and in our Names to acknowledge Satisfaction upon Recovered? for therein? And
to view examine settle and adjust and Balance all Accounts to compound?
compromise arbitrate conclude and agree all differences what shall be agreed on
to receive and of every thing that shall be recovered and received to give lawful
Aquittances and Discharges And further for me and any said Partners and

in our respective Names or firms aforesaid and for Attempt to buy and
Sell any Ships or Veʃsels or any parts or ʃhares thereof, and a lot any Goods
Wares or Merchandize, pay or receive the Purchase Monies thereof as the _____
may requires, Moreover to Charter or let to freight or hire any of the Ships or
Vessels belonging to me and my said Partners or on our Account to hire or
charter any Vesʃsels or Ships if my said Attorney shall think proper and neceʃsary
And to manage all the affairs and Concerns of me and my said Partners in
the West Indies in a full and ample Manner And if need be to sue comment?
and prosecute any Action or Actions Suits or Suits at Law or in Equity appear?
in any defend and reply to all Matters and Concerns touching or concerning
the Premises and to _____ say pursue implead seize sequester and imprison and
condemn and out of Prison again to deliver And generally for effecting the Pre-
mises to do whatever shall be requisite and neceʃsary _____ fully amply and
effectually to all Intents and Purposes whatsoever as I myself and my said
Partners any or either of us might or could do if personally present And I do
hereby authorize and empower my said Attorney to substitute one or more attorney
or attornies under him and to nominate such Counsellors or Agents _____ _____ _____
think fit with all or any of the _____ Powers and _____ _____ pleasure? to
invoke? Ratifying and Confirming hereby whatever my said attorney his
Substitute or Substitutes Counsellors or Agents shall lawfully do or cause
to be done in the premises by Virtue of these presents. In Witneʃs whereof
I have hereunto set my hand and ʃeal the Nineteenth day of November
in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and ʃix.

John Cock LS
Dated and delivered (being first duly stamped) }
In the Presence of Mr. B SHencery?, JS Osburn }
John Samuel Osburn of the Royal Exchange London Gentleman
Maketh Oath and saith that he was present and did see John Cock of the
City of London Merchant in partnership with Robert Farquhar of the same City
Merchant (_____ now absent from therein) and also in partnership with John Fargu:
har of the Island of Grenada Merchant trading in London under the firm of
R. Farquhar & J Cock and in Grenada under the firm of John Farquhar _____
sign seal and as his Act and Deed duly execute and deliver the Paper
Writing mark’d _____ hereunto annexed purporting to be a Letter of Attorney
from the said John Cock acting as therein specified to Mr. Andrew Smith name?
in London but on his Departure for the West Indies Gentleman to and for
the several Uses Intents and Purposes therein mentioned And this Deponent
further _____ _____ the Name “JS Osburn”” set and subscribe _____ one of the
Witneʃses to the Execution of the said Letter of Attorney as of the _____
proper hand Writing of _____ this Deponent.

JS Osburn
______ at the Mansion? House? London the 20th }
November 1806 Before me… Wm Leighton Mayor }

To all to whom these Presents shall come I Sir
William Leighton Knight lord Mayor of the City of London
In Pursuance of an Act made and _____ in the fifth Year of the
Reign of His late Majesty King George the Second Instituted
An Act for the more easy Recovery of Debts in his Majesty’s
Plantations and Colonies in America Do herby Certify that on
the day of the date hereof personally came and appeared before me
John Samuel Osburn the Deponent named in the
Affidavit hereunto annexed, being a Person well known and worthy
of good Credit and by solemn Oath which the said Deponent
then took before me upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God did
solemnly and sincerely declare testify and depose to be true the
several Matters and Things mentioned and contained in the annexed

In Faith and Testimony whereof
I the said Lord Mayor have caused the Seal of
the Office of Mayoralty to be hereunto put
and affixed and the Paper Writing mark’d _____
mentioned and referred to in and by the said Affi-
davit to be hereunto also annexed. Dated in
London the Twentieth day of November in the
Year of our lord One Thousand Eight hundred
and six. Windale?
Any assistance and help with the transcriptions are always welcomed. Also any thoughts, ideas, or statements can be added as a comment to this posting or you can email directly.




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