My Tangent – Number 3011 - But Jim, Why So Boring?

12 February 2010


The number of hits to my Blog since inception is 3,011, and the average visit by a reader is three-and-a-half minutes. Not bad for an off-the-wall jumble of my work and musings of my genealogy and ancestry. And I’m not giving anything away; neither for free nor at un prix fixe. Thank you very much.

Just an advanced warning… and don’t do anything yet. I will tell you when you will have to make the move. My domain address is changing to That’s right. The new address will be up and running soon, so if you try the link now you’ll not see anything pertinent to my work in genealogy, ancestry, etc.. (Hush, hush… I have a bet on how many will actually try the link. And of course, I’ll never know… but big brother in the Internet Land in the Clouds will.)

I’ve been commented to by a few readers that the Indenture work is somewhat boring, and I couldn’t agree with them more. And is there is a method to my madness? Yup.

I do not claim to be a lawyer. I do not claim to an historian. I do not claim to be an artist. I do not claim to be an optician or an ophthalmologist. I do not claim to be a linguistician. I certainly can’t claim to be an anthropologist nor a geographer. I’m not a geneticist. And I’m sure there are a multiple number of professional titles I also cannot claim… but when I start working on the transcriptions in the course of my research and search of my genealogy and ancestry, I am sure that a smattering of skills are needed from all these and many other fields and professions.

I also find that if I consistently work at transcribing these records, especially this collection of documents from the Grenada Register of Records I find that I become more attune to the methodologies that were used to create the individual manuscripts. I get to know the idiosyncrasies of the scribe as well as the historic legalese. This assists me in working on a succession of documents and records. And at times, all I can think of is the shock on the face of the scribe should he be transported through time as he takes a gander at the instruments and technology of today that eventually replaced him and his quill-scratching work-station. I just keep hoping to catch a glimmer of a hint of ggg-grandfather James Smith.

And so I will continue. And our new quilt should be my next Posting.




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