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10 February 2010


This next Record, pages 455, 456, and 457 is actually two Documents in one, both authored by Gavin Smith; his Last Will and Testament (LWT) dated 30 January 1809; and a Codicil dated 11 January 1810. The LWT are presented 1 February 1810 and entered to the Grenada Register 2 February 1810. All-things-being-equal it appears that Gavin Smith had passed away sometime between 12 January and 1 February 1810. This is a great document for a file for one who is researching the genealogy and ancestry of Gavin Smith, but alas there is no corresponding link to my ggg-grandfather James Smith.

My source is the Grenada Register of Records, 1797-1817 (v. G2-R2) and the image is downloaded from the microfilm FHL [1563328] of Item 6.

My transcription of both the Last Will and Testament and the Codicil follow:
Entered 2nd Febry 1810
Grenada. This thirtieth day of January one Thousand eight hundred and
nine In the Name of God amen I Gavin Smith of the above Island planter
being of sound Judgment and memory do this make my last will and
Testament. In the first place I do recommend my soul to God gave
it and my body to the earth to be entered in as cheap and private a
manner as my after mentioned Executrix my think proper all my property
both real and personal who by this Instrument I do appoint and ordain
to be Mary Hill of free Mulatto Woman who has lived with me and
served me as a Housekeeper for these Six or Seven Years last part (to be
my Executrix) and adopted Heir said Mary Hill I leave posseʃsion
of all my property after all my just debts are settled and paid and do it again
Beg that the above named Executrix will be at no unneʃsary expense at
my interment this to three being all in my own hand and writing.
Witneʃs S. James J. Mead & Thos. Morton & James Bear

S. Gavin Smith LS
Before his Honor Abraham Charles Adye Esq.
President & Commander in Chief in and over
the island of Grenada & its Dependencies
Personally appeared Thomas Morton one subscribing witneʃses to the
before written will of Gavin Smith deceased and being duly sworn that he
was present and did see the said Gavin Smith sign seal publish
declare and deliver in the presence of this Deponent and of the said other sub-
scribing Witneʃses he before written Instrument as end for his last Will
and Testament and this Deponent further says that at the time of execut-
ing such Will the said Testator was of sound and dispedeing mind

Memory and understanding and Lastly that the names “Gavin Smith,”
set opposite the Seal “James R. Mead” “Thos Morton” & James Bear
subscribed as Witneʃses are severally and respectively of the proper Hand-
writing of the said Testator James P. Mead this Deponent and the Said
James Bear.

/S./ Thos. Morton
Sworn before me this 1 of February 1810 Sd. A.C. Adye
In the name of God Amen I Gavin Smith do make
this Codicil to my last Will and Testament Whereas I have already by
my said last Will and Testament bearing date the Thirtieth day of January
One Thousand eight hundred and nine given and Bequeathed all my
Property as well read as personal to Mary Hill and am desirous of
altering the disposition thereby made in favor of the said Mary Hill
so far only as related to the House and Lot of land I lately purchased
from Mr. Burn bounded Towards the West by the Villa Road Towards the
north by Lands of Henry Bridgwater Esquire Towards the East by the Kings High Road
and Toward the North by Lands of Betsey Pitt Now I do hereby give and devise
the said House and Lot to the said Mary Hill in Trust Nevertheleʃs to
receive Pay and apply rents and Profits thereof to and for the use of Her
Daughter Ann Curry until she shall attain the age of Twenty one years and then
as soon as the said Ann Curry shall attain the age of Twenty one years to
convey the said House and Lot unto and to the use of the Said Ann Curry
her heirs and assigns for ever But in Case the Said Ann Curry shall
depart this life before attaining the Said age of Twenty one Years then I give and
devise the Said House and Lot unto and to the sue of the Said Mary Hill
her heirs and assigns for ever And I do hereby in all other Respects ratify
and confirm my Said Last Will and Testament and declare this to be a Codicil
thereto In Witneʃs whereof I have hereto set my hand and Seal this Eleven
day of January One Thousand eight Hundred and Ten. Sd. Gavin Smith
Signed Sealed published and declared by the said Testator as and for a Codicil to
his Said Will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request and in
the presence of each other have hereto Subscribed our Names. Sd. Cha. H. Fraser,
James Bear & John Bridgwater.

Before his Honor Abraham Charles Adye Esquire
President & Commander in Chief in and over the Island
of Grenada & its Dependencies ordinary _____
Personally appeared John Bridgwater one of the subscribing Witneʃses to the
before Written Instrument & being duly sword make Oath that he together with
the other subscribing Witneʃses was present and did see the before named
Gavin Smith Smith the Testator sign Seal publish declare & deliver the before
written Instrument as and for a Codicil to his Last Will & Testament and the

Deponent further says that at the time of executing such Codicil he verily
believes the said Testator was of Sound & disposeing mind memory & understand
-ing and lastly that the names Gavin Smith the Testator set opposite the Seal
and the names Cha: H. Fraser James Bear & john Bridgwater subscribing as
witneʃses are of the proper Handwriting of the said Testator the said Cha. H.
Fraser James Bear & of this Deponent & that all the Said names were so
subscribed & set in the Presence of the Said Testator & the Said Witneʃses
severally. Sd. John Bridgwater.
Sworn before me this 1 day of Feby 1810 /Sd./ A: C: Adye
And that finishes Item 6… Hallelujah! And for those of you in the north-east remember your backs when you’re shoveling snow.

Now on to Item 7. Enjoy your day.



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