My Tangent – Overcast, Earthquakes, Snow, and Matrixes

27 February 2010

Good Saturday Morning,
It is a dreary and dismal day. Sunshine Florida is just a figment of my imagination. It doesn’t exist, and “pour tous les anciens” there certainly is no yellow brick road leading here to the glorious relaxed and beach living lifestyle. Hah! But I suppose I could be shoveling like in the Northeast, or scrambling out of the way of tsunami waves in Tokyo or clambering over broken buildings in Chile… or sitting at some accelerator pedal hearing in DC. Nope, I’m just here at my PC working on the Transcription Project and factoring out the color and fabrics of our new quilt.

(The inserted image is of Fanore Beach, Clouded Sun II by Michael Fairclough.)

Here’s the newly updated Matrix for the microfilm FHL [1563329], Grenada Registers of Records, 1817-1837 (v. R2-Z2).

You can also see my other worksheets at the Analyses page of my Blog.

I spent the time yesterday tracking down an errant file some spam-heathen had snuck into my PC via the Internet. It’s a DLL file that causes programs not to do what they are supposed to do. Found it. Trapped it. Quarantined it. Took a bit of effort and it was sort of like that mosquito that gets into your bedroom at night and buzzes around your ear, just when you want to fall asleep. You know what I mean. And I squished it. It’s gone.




paulatorrey on February 27, 2010 at 12:11 PM said...

Buying something always works for me!!!!!!

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