Part 211s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Smiths of Jordanhill House Analysis

17 February 2010


As I mentioned last night in my Posting, Part 210s, I would like to attempt to graphically depict that which I have discovered online regarding the Smiths of Jordanhill.

Jordanhill House, east facing frontage, demolished in 1961. Source of image: The Smiths of Jordanhill

You might be aware that there are a number of Records in the Grenada Register of Records that were originated with the referenced Smiths. At this point in my Transcription Project I have only completed three such transcriptions. Of course as the name James Smith, as well as William are specific and critical names in my genealogy and ancestry, coupled with the time-frame; the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, and locations; Grenada, the West Indies, America, and the British Isles, I need to analyze the available information to see if I can find any corresponding link.

I discovered four possible and detailed references online:
  1. The Smiths of Jordanhill;
  2. Memoirs and Portraits of One Hundred Glasgow Men;
  3. Curiosities of Glasgow Citizenship; and
  4. Scottish Archive Network.
Cross-referencing the information from the above sources, I have created a Descendant Chart of the Smiths of Jordanhill, of Glasgow, Scotland. This Descendant Chart is my best effort from the found sources. (Please be advised that the information is as best as I have found it. The Descendant Chart may have mistaken information or I may have made a construction error.)

All-things-being-equal there may be some possibilities of a connection with ggg-grandfather James Smith. Presently, and from the data that I have reviewed to date, a connection is not readily, if at all, apparent.

The persons highlighted in red are the possible Smiths as documented in the Records that I have transcribed. Also you will notice that I have included a red ordinal beside the six Smiths who are identified as “principal” Smiths of Jordanhill House. (For your bearings, I have included the associated URL addresses on the above Descendant Chart.)

For you info, I will be including this Descendant on my Analysis page of my Blog.

If you have any comments, thoughts, questions, or ideas, please feel free to comment or email.




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