Part 219s – Smith Robertson Genealogy - Is James Smith the Mill Wright ggg-grandfather James Smith the Shipwright?

22 February 2010

hank you, Felicity, Paula, and David. Also thank you to the reader who commented favorably in Chinese. I am just beginning to fathom the many places in this world that readers of my Blog are checking in from. It is amazing how technology tools have given us the continued development and increasing power of communication. (I’m so sorry T that this may cause more “nn”.)

As I mentioned I have been thinking about my last two Transcriptions, Part 216s and Part 217s and the possible connection to ggg-grandfather James Smith.

Here are a few of the points that sort of stick out from the Records when I attempt to correspond and understand ggg-grandfather James’ genealogy. Ideas and thoughts compiled and authored by both Ray and Eileen certainly have been key and helpful to the exploration and collection of these following points and ideas.

The name – James Smith. Both Records’ principal character was a James Smith. GGG-grandfather was James Smith.

The location – Saint George, Grenada. The James Smith of the Records, as well as ggg-grandfather James, is of, but not necessarily from, the island country of Grenada.

The time frame – 1816 and 1817 - Both Records were written, sealed, received, and entered in 1816 and 1817. GGG-grandfather James Smith, from what I have been able to find, already had business dealings and had begun a family in Grenada. GG-grandaunt Eley and gg-grandfather James, Junior, were born in 1812 and 1815, respectively. This allows for a correlation and cross-reference of time.

The occupation – Mill Wright. The James Smith of these Documents is addressed as a “Mill Wright”. A James Smith, in a record from the Grenada Registers of Records dated 15 May 1841; see Part 60s, appears to be referred to as “retired from the firm…”, “in the trade or business of ShipWrights to commerce…” Another Record dated 20 June 1807, references James Smith, (see Part 191s), as “Mill Carpenter for divers good…” Also in Part 129s the article from The Times dated 27 December 1802 refers to a James Smith, possibly of Grenada and as “Carpenter of the Veʃʃel”.

Two other source records refer to James Smith and the indication of some “water-related” construction.

The first, from an article titled “Plans For Conveying Water Into Town” from The Grenada Magazine: Or Monthly Miscellany Of Religious and General Information. No. I. January, 1833. Vol. I.; published in Grenada by William Edward it is coincidental that “ – Near the residence of James Smith, Esquire, “The Hope,” a pure stream of water passes the public road –“ and that the article discusses the development of the conveyance of water to Saint George. “The Hope”, from my understanding did belong, at one time, to ggg-grandfather James Smith.

The second is the entry of a Law, No LXXXVIII. “An Act for introducing a supply of Water into the Town of Saint George… dated 22nd December 1836" and a subsequent amendment Act, No, 88. (2) from the publication The Laws of Grenada, And The Grenadines; From The Year 1766, To The Year 1852 edited by William Snagg, Esq., and printed by the Public Printer of Grenada, 1852. The James Smith included in this Act, as appointed Commissioner, may be ggg-grandfather James. And not that it is impossible, his son, gg-grandfather James, Junior, could also be the appointee named James Smith, but he may have just turned 19 years old.

And then my logical question is “Why did William McIntosh,” as recorded in Part 216s appoint James Smith the Mill Wright his Attorney?

I will continue my thought processes in my next Posting.




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