My Tangent – Damn Neighborhood Cats!

15 March 2010

Damn neighborhood cats!

Yesterday we spent the time preparing the garden beds, planted peas, beans, and beans again, and some damn cat decided that my garden was its litter box. All my seeds were unearthed. And if I catch it I’m going to wring the bugger’s little, purring neck!

Now I like cats… but I also think that domesticated animals should be, just that domesticated, and kept on their own property.

And I’m not accepting the argument from any feline-lover that cats will be cats. Let them be cats at your house and yard. Well house cats are just that house cats, in your house, at your house, by your house, attached to your house… NOT my house. And I won’t accept the argument that a cat is a cat, it’s in their nature.

It’s in the nature of dogs to run wild in packs but we’ve bred a lot of that out of them. I could see a pack of 10-pound Rat Terriers terrorizing the neighborhood, hunting and foraging for food. I could see a pack of Labs trotting, wagging their tails looking for the proverbial pats on the head. But it was our Bella, the 11-pounder who sprang to action and scuttled the foibles of the damn tabby as it bounded off into the bush behind the house. It was Bella who squeezed through the pickets to try and chomp at the scurrying paws of that damn feline. It was Bella who came back covered in mud after making sure that the foe was distanced away. And I’m sure that Tinker felt so, so proud cause it was that orange devil-cat that had attacked her last fall.

And now my newly planted garden is a mess. The seeds are upturned and now mixed up. If I have to get licenses for, and there are county leash laws for my dogs, I will be the first in line now to support six-foot leashes for all domesticated cats. Period! And I know the house that this cat came from, and I will be sending them my grocery bills from now on.

Damn neighborhood cats!




Lynn on March 15, 2010 at 3:02 PM said...

When the nesting Bluebird eggs in my yard begin to hatch this Spring, I'll join you in that refrain. And, that comes from me, the cat lover. I have as much tolerance for wandering cats as I do for wandering dogs. But, don't harm the cat...he is doing what cats will do. It's the owner that needs the wake-up call. Ah, but if it were a perfect world... It's not the stupid pet--it's the stupid owner!

Jim Smith on March 15, 2010 at 4:03 PM said...

This devil-cat is the scourge of the neighborhood.

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