My Tangent - The Feline Wars - A New July Discovery - And Quesadilla Pie

25 March 2010


This morning I checked the battlefield. No feline mercenary destruction. And there appears to be three sprouting beans. Jack I’m not, but I feel like I’ve set up a battle-zone comparable to the Plains of Abraham. Trenches are dug. The black pepper cover is set. A spy nest has been craftily erected at the bathroom window. The recruits have been brought in. And the troops of marauding quadrupeds are itching for their hourly attack and romp. Now we’ll have peas and beans!

Yesterday I think I transcribed the longest Record from the Grenada Registers of Records yet. I wonder if I had become a lawyer I would speak and write in repetition. But at least I’ve finished the work on Item 7. Only one more Item left, number 8 and about five or six documents from the microfilm FHL [1563329]. I think that the next set of Records that I’ll be working on will be FHL [1563330]

Hurrah for Yann. He has discovered some documents at the ANOM Archives pertaining to great-grandaunt Marie Amélia Blanche (née July) Poupon. One of the documents is her 1879 Marriage Registration to Laurent Théodore Amand Ludonier Poupon. I thought my name was long. And the answer is I do not know, but I prefer it to the other type.

Check out our new Quilts SB blog site. To date, I’m amazed at our current ranking of 17 of the top Quilting websites by Top Not bad for being open for only 13 days. This morning Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt was ranked number 5 out of the top 50.

Last night's supper was a chicken quesadilla pie. The ingredients included shredded leftover chicken, jalapeños, cilantro, cheddar cheese, flour, baking soda, eggs, salt, pepper, milk, and more cheese. Sort of a twist on a quiche and a frittata. And now I'm looking for ideas for a Kabocha Squash.

Now back to my work and transcriptions.




Jim Smith on March 26, 2010 at 5:31 PM said...

Thank you.

Translation of your comment - "Strengths or weaknesses. Extremes meet. Situation improves! Everything will be better!"

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