Part 231s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Smith Indenture Study Matrix Update

08 March 2010

Morning again,

I’ve updated the Smith Indenture Study Matrix. The Matrix is a quick reference sheet that allows me to see which corresponding Postings I have worked on as associated with the various Smith names that I have encountered. This Matrix is specific to the microfilm FHL [1563329]. A similar Matrix to the microfilm FHL [1563328] can be found at my Analysis Page.

Please note that I have not segregated the Posting numbers by unique individuals. I have only listed the singular Smith names. In other words, there may be more than one individual with the same name, for example, Andrew Smith. I have only recorded those names as single entries if and only if there is a unique prefix or suffix added to the name. For example, James Smith and James Smith, Junior each are represented on single lines of the Matrix. The listed Smith may or may not be the same individual but the transcribed Record(s) may not have any clues or hints as to that fact.

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