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19 April 2010


It’s been a while since I sat down and typed out My Tangent. I have been completely absorbed with the Transcription Project and developing new quilt designs for the TATW Series. I think I’ve tuned out all sounds and smells, except of pollen, of what’s going on around me.

Grey seems to be getting a bit bolder. This morning he was just sitting at the top of the white Bird of Paradise teasing the Rat Pack. He was teasing from a short distance and Tinker and Bella were squatted right below yapping. He then scampered off across the roof screening triggering a shower of rain from water that had caught in the screen and soaked the Rats. Sort-of a “shut-up-you-noisy-goofs”.

I read some news this morning of the volcano in Iceland and the ash that is being spewed into the air. The teaser line after the title from Foreign Policy reads “How Iceland stopped the world in its tracks”. And when I started reading the first line I got caught up in the pronunciation of the Icelandic words for the volcano, Fimmvoruhald, and the glacier, Evjafjallajӧkull. Hell, with words as long this, by the time some yells “Run, the volcano Fimmvoruhald on the glacier Evjafjallajӧkull is erupting” you won’t have any time to put on your snowshoes and get out before Iceland will be gone.

There is a bird, possibly a Mockingbird that sits and sings its heart out all day in the woods behind the house. Three notes all the time… and that’s fine. But the thing about this bird’s incessant and continuous song, albeit call, is that it sounds just like the bell-sound of my washer and dryer when they have finished their cycles. It also sounds a bit like the chimes from a car when the door is left opened. More than likely, it’s the reason that I have tuned out most other sounds. Is the laundry done?

Back to my Transcription Project.




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