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01 April 2010


At times I am just flabbergasted at the history and the people that are a part of this Transcription Project that I have committed myself. And I know that I could spend hours just following that tangent that may or may not have anything to do with the genealogy or ancestry of my ggg-grandfather James Smith.

The following Record is a short one and appears to be a Letter of Substitution assigning to Richard Oliver Smith. And of course I know that at this point in time I have not found any hint or clue of a connection to ggg-grandfather James. I will keep looking.

The person assigning the Letter of Substitution is one William James D’Urban. Just do an Internet search of his name and check out what comes up. One of the ones that I found may have been the reason for this Letter of Substitution. I discovered his name via Google Book Search in a book titled “A List Of The Officers Of The Army And Royal Marines On Full, Retired, And Half-Pay With An Index. 1839”, published by W. Clowes and Sons et al, London.

Here is the single page 558 from the Grenada Registers of Records, 1817-1837, (v. R2-Z2.) downloaded from the microfilm FHL [1563329].

My transcription –
Entered 16th June 1835
Know all Men by these Presents that I the within
named William James D’Urban at present of the said Island of Grenada
but being about to depart for Europe Have by virtue of the Power of Substis-
tution vested in me by the within Letter of Attorney nominated substituted and
appointed and in my place and stead just and deputed and by these presents
Do nominate substitute and appoint and in my place and stead put and
depute the Honorable Richard Oliver Smith of the said Island of Grena-
da and the Honorable William Swap also of the said Island and Thomas
Holmes also of the said Island Esquire to be my substitutes and substitute and
the true and lawful attornies and attorney of the within named John Stewart,
Samuel Trehawke? Hekewick? Samuel Farr and Mary Elizabeth Stewart
D’Urban during my absence to execute fulfill and perform all and every
the matters and things on the said Letter of Attorney contained as fully and
effectually to all intents and purposes as they the said John Stewart, Samuel
Trehawke Hakewich, Samuel Farr, and Mary Elizabeth Stewart D’Urban
of I the said William James D’Urban as their attorney might or could do
if personally present Giving and by these presents granting to the said Richard
Oliver Smith and William Swap and Thomas Holmes my full power and
authority in the premises by virtue thereof In witness whereof I the said
William James D’Urban have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighth
day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty
W. J. D’Urban (LS)
Signed sealed and delivered (the? words and Thomas Holmes of the said Island
Esquire and Thomas Holmes being first interlined?) in the presence of
Alexr Purcell
Alexander Purcell of the island of Grenada Writing Clerk Maketh oath
and saith that he was present and did see the within named William James
D’Urban sign seal and as and for his act and deed execute and deliver the
Deed Poll or Power of Substitution hereunto annexed marked with the Letter A
and that the name or signature “W.J. D’Uban” appearing set and subscrib-
ed opposite the seal at the foot of the set Deed Poll and the name or
signature “Alexr Purcell” also set and subscribed to the attestation writ-
ten at the foot thereof are the several and respective proper hand
writings of the said William James D’Urban and of him this de-
Alexr Purcell
Sworn at the Town of St. George in the said island of Grenada this
15th day of June 1835. Before me. ----
Wm. Darnell Davis – Senr Aʃst. Justice.

And this is the last Smith-related Record that I have found the Grenada Registers of Records, 1817-1837, (v. R2-Z2.) from the microfilm FHL [1563329]. I am now moving on to the next microfilm and FHL [1563380] which again is a part of the Registers of Records, this time 1825-1835 and v. H5-O5.




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