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28 April 2010


The Transcription Project in the search of the genealogy and ancestry of ggg-grandfather continues. But I can tell you that as per my biorhythm scoring,  even though my emotional being is at its highest peak of cycle, my intellect and my physical attributes have swung to the lowest or lowest possible levels. I was wondering why I really wasn’t into my research today, nor did I trim the bamboo hedges as I had expected.

Today’s Posting is in a way connected to the Record I transcribed in Part 260s. As I transcribed this Record, a schedule "B" entered 19 June 1829 to the Grenada Registers of Records and found on the microfilm FHL [1563380], I had a feeling that I had seen some of the names included in the Record before. Because this Record is lettered "B", I would think that it is a part or an annex to some previous Record. At this point I cannot provide that answer.

Also, the reference to James Smith, of the Island of Grenada, Gentleman, cannot be ascertained immediately that he may have been ggg-grandfather James. This Record does not have any ancillary hints or clues of the origins of James Smith.

Here are the downloaded pages 16 and 17.

My transcription –



Entered 19 June 1829

This Indenture made the fourth day of May in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine Between James
Smith of the Island of Grenada Gentleman of the one part and John
Wells of the said island of the other part Witnesseth that for and in
consideration of the sum of ten shillings current money of the said Island
of Grenada to the said James Smith in hand well and truly paid by the
said John Wells at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents the
receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged he the said James Smith Hath
granted and bargained and sold and by these presents Doth grant bargain and
sell unto the said John Wells his executors administrators and aʃsigns All
those Negro and other Male slaves named respectively Modeste John
Charles, Thomas, John Louis, William, John Gill, Harry, John Francoise,
John Pier, Lear, John Baptiste, Louis Pierre, Louis Charles, George, Ramsey,
and Alexan and all those female slaves named respectively Agnes, Bridget,
Rosalie, Jeanne, Monique, Constance, Elsea, Adelaide, Mary, Louise, Jenny,
Marianne, Martharine, Victoire, Cecile, Emma, Euphrosine and Monique
and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainder rents issues
services and profits of all and singular the said slaves and every part thereof
And also all the estate right title interest claim and demand whatsoever
both at law and in equity of him the said James Smith of in and to all such?
singular the said slaves or any of them To have and to hold the said slaves

Above granted bargained and sold and every part thereof unto the
said John Wells his executors administrators and aʃsigns from the day next
before the day of the date of these presents for and during the full and and term
of one whole year from thence next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended
Yielding and Paying therefore unto the said John Wells the rent of one
pepper corn at the expiration of the said term if the same shall be lawfully
demanded To the intent that by virtue of these presents and by force of the
statute made for transferring uses into poʃseʃsion he the said John Wells may
be in the actual poʃseʃsion of all and singular the said slaves above bargained
and sold and be thereby enabled to take and accept of a grant and release of
the reversion and inheritance thereof to him the said John Wells his heirs
and assigns to the only proper use and behoof of him the said John Wells
his heirs and assigns forever by indenture intended to bear date the day
next after the day of the date of these presents In witness whereof the said
James Smith hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first
above written.

James Smith (LS)
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of
Evan Baillie



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