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09 May 2010

Morning and Happy Mother’s Day,

Work on the Transcription Project has taken a slow turn. The lengths of the recent Records have seemed to increase… considerably, and I’m coming to the fast conclusion that the lawyers must have enjoyed repeating themselves, over and over and over again. Month-to-date there has been 99 visits including as far away as New Zealand, Egypt, and Ecuador. Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt is currently ranked at number 2 of the top genealogy websites at

I’ve worked out the schematic of an ancestral chart for one Richard Oliver Smith who has been noted in a number of Records in my Transcriptions. Check back shortly for the diagram at A Genealogy Hunt.

The current Record I’m working on is an 1829 follow Record to Part 275s is at least 10 pages and relates to a David and James Smith. Work continues on the new website and all-things-being-equal I hope to have it presentable in a couple of weeks.

All quilts of the C&S Series: C&N, Patience, V-Bricks, A-Mazed, and Altered Logs I and II have all been posted. Check out the new Series and Quilts tabs under the top Quilts SB heading.

The five new quilts of the TayTow Series are now under construction and should be posted within the next weeks. I have also begun work on a new series of Christmas quilts and have completed the design for one - PJs & Packages. I’ve also begun a new series incorporating the ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright stained and cut glass windows.

The new Quilts SB blog site is, as far as I can see fully operational. And I am pleased to announce that there has been 424 visits since start up in March. Last night it ranked in the top 10 websites at As of this morning it is ranking in at 23rd out of the top 50. Also has now included an image of the Quilts SB front page.

Oh, yes the image of the rose is from our garden.




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