My Tangent – Disappearing Images Back Again From The Internetland

16 June 2010

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Panic over, I’ve re-loaded all the images of pictures and documents to the Postings Part 288s through and including 297s. It certainly pays to back up everything.

I cannot tell you exactly what happened as the multiple intricacies of Google, cloud computing, and Internetland all have become extremely confusing. But what I think happened was my fault. Yes I think I admit it.

From what I think I have learned is that as I add an image to my Blog the image is saved to an account and album in Picasa. I never consciously opened any of the albums in my Picasa account so my guess that it may be Blogger’s way of storing the data… all-things-being-equal possibly in the clouds. When I checked the albums I discovered that all the albums that had been created corresponded with a number of my Google functionalities.

I decided that I did not need the albums on Picasa so I deleted all images of one of the albums. It just so happens that all the images that I deleted were the same images that had disappeared from my nine Blog Postings.

Now, believe or not, I am always grateful to Google for the services that are provided to me without any cost. But what I did discover was that these albums contained uploaded images that I had tested and had never added to my Blogs. And to top it all, the account appeared to be of public access. I changed my Picasa account access to private.

As I said panic is over. And I think I’ve learned something.




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