My Tangent – Long Beans and HTML Pointers

04 June 2010


More rain’s a’comin’ and we've got an extra pair of canines for the anniversary weekend.

Been out harvesting this morning and picked more, and I mean more tomatoes, four different types. Also harvested some long, long green beans, (longest one to date two-feet long); jalapeños; and Mexibell peppers. I am astounded.

Tried the long beans, cut in three-inch lengths with some chopped garlic… Fried quickly in vegetable oil, threw in some soya and oyster sauces and a bit of water, covered and let steam for five minutes. I’m sold.

I’ve been working with some sort-of direction pointing code to go from the old Blog site, Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt to this new one, A Genealogy Hunt. It works. But then I realized that there are still links directing to the old, embedded in a good majority of the Postings in the new. (All the old Postings are duplicated on the new site.) And so I’ve created a very nice “boomerang effect,” which of course may be a pain. It is.

I do believe that the HTML code would be way too complex for me to write that would instruct the systems to only transfer from the old to the new if an entrance point to the old is made from anywhere else except from the new site, this one. And now you understand why I trust my GPS.

And so that means I need to search for an alternative. My first suggestion is to figure out a search capability for the new site. The next suggestion is to edit every previous link to find the equivalent Posting in the new site. And I'll get it done.

Any suggestions?




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