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04 June 2010


Okay, I think I have a “Search This Blog” box working. Check the top of the right most column. This will help me, and anyone who would like to search A Genealogy Hunt site, to find names and phrases.

Another new function of this search engine is that there are three tab choices at the top of the search results: This Blog; Favorite Links; and The Web. If I type the name “Carriacou” in the search box, This Blog should produce five results. When I click on Favorite Links there are no results, and when I click on The Web approximately 32 resulting links are produced.

But the “Boomerang Effect” still persists. I have not figured out an easy coding. This will only happen in an older Posting that has a link addressed to my old Blog site, Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt.

For now I have a suggestion, sort of a go-around while I work on the directional fix. If you find a recommended link in this Blog, for example “Part 192s”, in an older, previous Post, instead of clicking on the link, type the link, for example “Part 192s”, in the Search This Blog box. You will be linked directly to the identical Part 192s Posting on A Genealogy Hunt.

And I continue...




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