My Tangent – No, I’m Not Playin’ Possum

27 June 2010


No, I’m not playin’ possum. I’ve moved into Item 5 of the microfilm FHL [1563380]. And wouldn’t you know it the first Record from the Grenada Registers of Records is over 20 pages long. Its main focus is Grenada but the number of persons and the years and amount of figures is just amazing. It is so easy to get sidetracked when I encounter new names. The search for the origins of my ggg-grandfather James Smith just takes so many turns and proffers so many paths that I have to keep reigning myself in. Stay focused Jim, stay focused.

And when I took the 4-Pack for their midnight walk last night, Bella encountered a creature tinier than herself.

Yep, the images are of a baby opossum. It seemed to have been abandoned by its mother. She was nowhere around. It was just hanging around MC's lamp-post across the street catching at bugs and stuff. And yes, I did not take it in. It is a real rodent with sharp teeth and a snake-clean tail. But it just sat there watching the 4-Pack, and waited for me to take them in and return with my camera.

Two names from the next Record include Thomas Walpole of Stagbury, Epsom, Surrey and Marie Catherine Louise Dunot de Granval de St. Maclou Comte de Lardenoy. And of course I had to search for these names. It is amazing what one now finds in Internetland. Oh and by the way, the lady’s complete name has been published as Marie-Catherine-Louise-Félix du Dunot de Saint-Maclou. She married one Antoine Philippe Comte de Lardenoy who’s appellation also appears in the forth-coming Record.

One of my tangents has discovered some new information to the McAteer Family of the Brunhammer Family Tree. I’m on to it.

Stay tuned. As the above-mentioned Record is so long and covers many pages I am contemplating posting the complete over a series of parts. And thank you Sandy and JK for your comments and constructive criticisms.




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