Part 287s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Indenture Research – Mary Paton Added

01 June 2010


As I am working on the next Record from the Grenada Registers of Records of my Transcription Project, I noted that the name of William Green’s wife, Mary Paton, was now included. I have added her to the Carriacou Puzzle Descendant Chart. This is an upgrade to the Chart I presented in Part 285s The addition, and her representation, is in red.

Please note that there may be unintentional inaccuracies in the placements of individuals in the Carriacou Puzzle Descendant Chart. These could be a result of my misinterpretation of that which I am transcribing. As I mentioned before I am unfamiliar of the legal jargon. (My thesaurus uses the synonym “goggledgook”.)

The next transcription is on its way.




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