Part 300s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Six Months In The West Indies In 1825

21 June 2010


In my search and research of the origins and ancestral connections of ggg-grandfather James Smith, I am pleasantly surprised at some documents and the books that I stumble across.

From the Digital Library of the Caribbean at the University of Central Florida I chanced upon a book by one Henry Nelson Coleridge. The title of the book is Six Months In The West Indies In 1825. The first publishing of this book was in London by J. Murray in 1826. The copy at the University of Central Florida is the 4th Edition. This book is also available through Google Books.

From the table of Contents I discovered a short chapter credited to and about the author’s stay at Grenada. There are five specific references that I read that in some way may be inter-connected to my previous research.

The five, included in the images below, are:
  1. An aqueduct at which the boats water…”, page 95.
  2. The planters seem to have some such notion themselves, though Heaven knows, being chiefly Scotchmen, they are not overburthened with Greek…”, page 95.
  3. The church had no roof when I was there, but the plan of a new building was already prepared which was to retain the old spire and its present situation.* (*This church is now nearly finished.)”. Pages 96 and 97.
  4. Mr. Macmahon, the rector of St. George’s, is a good and interesting old man.”, page 97.
  5. I know enough of Mr. Barker and his amiable wife to feel convinced that their residence alone will be a general benefit.” Page 98.
The following are my notes of cross-references from my research that may correspond to the above five notations.
  1. "Near the residence of James Smith, Esquire, “The Hope,” a pure stream of water passes the public road…Part 219s.
  2. Smiths of Jordanhill; Smiths of Logie, et al.
  3. St. George’s Parish church. GGG-Grandfather James Smith per family and documented history was involved in the “construction” of the Anglican Parish Church building.
  4. Rector Francis MacMahon baptized the Smith children including gg-grandfather James Smith, Jr. Documents on file.
  5. Rector J.C. Barker married ggg-grandparents James and Mary Anne (née Doret) Smith. He also baptized great-grandfather William James Smith. Documents on file.
And here are the images the pages from the chapter on Grenada.




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