My Tangent – What Am I Expecting of My Blogs?

15 September 2010


For the past couple of days the following question has been keeping me up at night… not that I really sleep much anyway; What am I expecting of my Blogs? And a succinct and definite answer or answers seems to evade the mushed-up gray matter between my ears.

At present I have four Blogs; two active and two in-active. Two deal with the subject of genealogy. One is our quilt catalog and the fourth is my past attempt at writing a fictional fantasy.

My most active Blog is A Genealogy Hunt, this one. Would I be wrong if I did make mention that I am somewhat obsessed with the subject of genealogy? I have geared and steered A Genealogy Hunt as sort-of a journal of the search and research into the genealogy and ancestry of my family lines; Smith and Robertson and their associated branches. But is it as active a blog as I think it should be?

Should I not present more of my travails and thought-processes of the nature of my investigations and examinations? I certainly do not claim to be an expert genealogist, under whatever auspices one may want to define the classification. Should I not focus on the how I did that, versus look what I’ve found? Reasonable question… and it’s me who is asking the question. I am not responding to anyone or to any reader’s comment at present.

Now flip over to my second active Blog, Quilts SB. It is sort-of a presentation catalog of the quilts that we have made. I design and Andy quilts. Our goal is to cut up some fabric and then sew it back together again. We make a good team and we enjoy the cooperative working process. All-things-being-equal our results are not just your run-of-the-mill, in our opinion, quilts. But should I provide more detail? Should I blog about how two amateur quilt-artists really enjoy our efforts? Should I present our techniques?

And what about the other attempts, the other Blogs, Hero and Angel and Genealogy, The Anderson Garcia Saga? Should I spend more time in those arenas? This is just my thought progression. You can comment or not.

And then there is my cooking. I just love to cook. I love to create good and healthy food… to eat. And of course along with that goes the gardening-for-the-table. But the blogging food recipe arena is a saturated market. You certainly can tell that when you can find the same and/or similar recipes in type, on coincidental blogs after a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search. And why do I continue to buy cookbooks?

These are just my thoughts this morning. I have to get back to work now. I am working on the transcription of an Indenture that is 10 pages long that includes references to ggg-grandfather James Smith, his daughter, gg-grandaunt Sophia and her husband, gg-granduncle Benjamin Ventour. This Document is immediately followed by a two-page Indenture that is most definitely connected to the 10-pager.

I have to take some photos of our next quilt which was completed yesterday and is ready for presentation. This is the second quilt in our OP Noël Series – OP Noël II. (There is no OP Noël I, as yet.) The designs on the third, OP Angel have been completed. And the design and fabrics have been chosen for a brand new small quilt titled P’nG, pronounced Ping. P’nG’s colors are pink and grey.

Stay tuned and enjoy,



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