Part 361s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Indenture Research – 1837 James Smith and Benjamin Ventour

17 September 2010


Five years following the Schedule marked (B) is the Schedule (C), as entered to the Grenada Registers of Records 31 February 1837. (See Part 360s.) Schedule (C) was completed and signed by ggg-grandfather James Smith and his son-in-law, gg-granduncle Benjamin Ventour 24 May 1836.

The search for the origins of my ggg-grandfather continues. Sorry to say, even though he is a part of this contract, there are no clues or hints as to his ancestry and where he may have his birth-ties.

This Record from the Grenada Registers of Records is downloaded from Pages 170 and 171 of the microfilm FHL [1563329].

My transcription –


Entered 3d Feby. 1837
To all to whom these Presents shall come Benjamin Ventour and
James Smith two of the Parties to the within Indenture severally and respectively send
Greeting Know Ye that U the within names Benjamin Ventour Do hereby acknowledge
to have received from the within named Owsley Rowley the full sum of One thousand eight
hundred pounds Sterling money of Great and all Interest thereon pursuant to the Tenor
of the within Indenture and of the Covenant and agreements within contained and Stipulated
to be performed by and in the part of the within named Owsley Rowley and I do hereby acquit
release and discharge the said Owsley Rowley his Heirs Executors and Administrators of and
from the same and every part thereof and every of them and of and from all manner of Action
and Actions and causes of Action suits Debts Sum and Sums of Money accounts reckonings Bond
and Bonds Specialties Covenants Agreements promises variances Demands and claims whatsoever in
Law and Equity which against the said Owsley Rowley I ever had or I my Heirs Exors or Admors
hereafter can shall or may have for upon or by reason of the said within Indentures or by reason
of any matter source or thing whatsoever whensoever or howsoever from the beginning of the world
to the day of the date hereof And know Ye also that I the said James Smith for and in
consideration of ten shillings in hand paid me by the said Owsley Rowley at or before



The Sealing and delivery of these Presents by and with the Consent and approbation and at the
request and by the Direction of the said Benjamin Ventour testifies by his Sealing and delivery
these Presents Have and I the said Benjamin Ventour testified by this Sealing and delivering
these Present Have and I the said Benjamin Ventour Have and each of us Hath bargained
and sold surrendered and Yielded up and by these presents Do and each of us Doth hereby bar-
gain and sell surrender and Yield up unto the said Owsley Rowley all and singular the Negro
and other Apprenticed Labourers formerly Slaves in the within Indentures and in the Schedules
thereto annexed mentioned and named such of them as are now living or were on the first day of
August in the year One thousand eight hundred and thirty four above the Age of Six years and
all Estate Right Title Interest Term and Terms of years within created property claim
and demand whatsoever of us the said Benjamin Ventour and James Smith and each of us into
or upon the same to the end and intent that the rest residue and remainder now to come and un
expired of five hundred years within created for the Use of the said Benjamin Ventour may
from henceforth merge and be extinguished in or consolidated with the reversion and Inheritance of
the same Apprenticed Labourers In witness whereof we the said Benjamin Ventour James
Smith have hereunto set our Hands and Seals respectively the twenty fourth day of May in the
year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty six.

Benjn Ventour (LS) Js. Smith (LS)

Signed Sealed and delivered In the presence of

Geo. Hy. Rowley Alexr. Purcell

Before The Honorable John Sanderson Chief Justice of the 
Supreme Court of Judicature
Personally appeared Alexander Purcell of the Town of Saint George in the
said Island of Grenada Writing Clerk who being duly sworn made oath that he was present
together with George Henry Rowley of the said Island Esquire and did see the Indenture of
Release hereunto annexed marked with the letter © duly signed sealed and as and for their
several and respective free and voluntary acts and deeds delivered by the therein named Benjamin
Ventour and James Smith and that the names or signatures “Benjn Ventour” and “Js Smith”
set and subscribed opposite the seals at foot of the said Indenture as those of parties executing
the same and the names “Geo. Hy Rowley” and “Alexr Purcell” respectively subscribed to the
attestation written at the foot of the same Indenture as witnesses to the execution thereof by the
said Benjamin Ventour and James Smith are of the respective proper handwriting of the said
Benjamin Ventour James Smith George Henry Rowley and of him this deponent And this
deponent further saith that in testimony of such due execution as aforesaid he this deponent
and the said George Henry Rowley did severally and respectively subscribe their names
as the attesting witnesses thereto.

Alex. Purcell
Sworn to before me this third day of February 1837

John Sanderson 
Chief Justice

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