My Tangent – Congee and GenoPro Genealogy Software Update

08 February 2011


Dealing with two slightly ill dogs this morning… and the two of them won’t leave my side. I wonder if I can make Congee for them for their supper this evening?

Congee was the bill-of-fare for supper last night. It’s sort of a rice porridge. The first time I made it I thought I was making baby-food gruel. “More, if you please, sir”. Last night’s concoction included strips of pork loin, green beans, baby bok choy, onion, carrot, chicken stock, soya sauce, Mirin wine, and of course rice. Oh and I can’t forget the habanero pepper. Wasn’t bad especially for the cold overcast and drizzling night. (Of course I would make it for the canines without the habanero…)

Just got notice that GenoPro 2007, Version ©1998-2008 has been upgraded. I really do like this genealogy software, especially as it allows me the freedom to manipulate the graphics in the chart work. It can be used as a Family Database as well, but I like the ability to use the chart facility as if I am using a whiteboard or a graphic arts board on my PC monitors. It also saves on trees.

The upgrade is now GenoPro® 2011, Version ©1998-2011. The downloading and the upgrading, with my previous Registration Key was seamless and took only less than a couple of minutes. (My Registration Key, per their notation, will never expire.) A 1-User License is relatively inexpensive and well worth the purchase. Check it out at the GenoPro site.




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