Part 450s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Our mtDNA Results Lean To J1b

07 February 2011


Based on ZC’s present results, and the immediate differences results from the Cambridge Reference Sequence, (see Parts 448s and 449s), it may be possible to infer that the sequence may be classified as J1b. J1b is a subclade of the Haplogroup J.

I have highlighted the HVR1 results in the inserted 2004 Schematic Tree for European mtDNA Variation. This representation is from the thesis by Piia Serk, from the University of Tartu, in Estonia.

In my research of my genealogy and ancestry I am constantly “drilling-down” to locate more and more information. As discussed, my father’s maternal line mtDNA resulted in a J Haplogoup classification. This means that my father, Frederick Kenneth Lloyd Smith received his mtDNA from his mother, grandmother Jeanne Lucie Ernestine (née Abraham) Smith (and Mann). She received hers from her mother, my great-grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham who in turn received hers from her mother, my great-great-grandmother Catherine Cora (née Merle) July.

My search and research, at presents stops at my great-great-great-grandmother Jeannette Etienette (née Castex) Merle. I have not found any information on my Castex line as I have not delved into those records as yet. All-things-being-equal those records and documents could begin in the vicinity of Bordeaux, in Gironde, France.

A geographic line of the passage of these J-mtDNA results would be from Bordeaux, France to Sénégal in West Africa, to Georgetown in British Guiana (now Guyana), to St. George, in Grenada. Other lines of transfer from Bordeaux to Sénégal, to Cayenne in French Guiana, to Paris and Brittany, France as well as from British Guiana to San Diego, in California, USA.

To date, the individuals in our Family Tree with the surnames who may be recipients of this J-mtDNA include: Abraham, Castex, Charbonnier, Chevalier, Clergeau, Clopath, Emery, July, Merle, Olton, Rénier, Smith, Titus, and Vogt.

Quite a bit to assimilate at one given time… but I’m getting there.




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