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07 February 2011


If English is not your first language, please use an online language translator, like Google Translate, to translate this Posting to your native tongue.

As many of my readers are aware I am somewhat fluent in three languages; English, Spanish, and French. I also can manage to read and translate Latin. I have been taking the time to translate, as necessary some of my Postings from English, my mother tongue to either Spanish or French as needed.

In other words for example, if a document or piece of information that I am working on is written in French, I will take the time to transcribe the Document into French. I then need to translate the French into English, in which I am the most comfortable working. I then write my Posting for A Genealogy Hunt in English, and as my readers are located all over the world, I will then translate my work into French (or Spanish, and on occasion German).

This takes a bloody long time… and there are many, many documents that I need to work on to continue my search and search. I use primarily Google Translate to assist me in most cases. I also know that the Browser Chrome does provide a translation facility. All-things-being-equal this way of translating realizes a “computerized” and a “possible clinical-like” result in the other language. The Google and other Translators may be able to translate but they cannot “think” in an alternate language.

I have decided that in order to speed up my work, I will leave the translating of my work to you. You can find the application for Google Translate at this link. I use it considerably in my work and at times use it to translate incoming communications.

There are other Translation Applications online. One thing that I have noted, that you should be made aware of. At times there are differences in the translated results between the different applications. They may be minor, but there are still differences.




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