My Tangent – Spring Is Here - Focus On Targeted Goals

27 February 2011

Good morning from this side of the Globe,

And I have just sat down at my PC and am collecting my thoughts of what I need to accomplish today in the search for the genealogy of my ggg-grandfather James Smith.

All I can think of is how beautiful it is today. I counted 13 new Amaryllis buds in the garden. The leather palm fruit pod had broken open and the female cardinal was sitting there having a feast.

I gathered the Pack for their morning walk and the Rats. Tinker and Bella started their clamor as they decided that every squirrel in our route was their sole objective.

Mr. and Mrs. Canard provided a brief interlude and Taylor thought that she should bound off and track them down. But it was the unknown black thing-a-ma-jig that was in the driveway across the street that concentrated their yapping attention. They needed to catch it. They needed to scramble up to conquer the interloper. You can imagine their let-down when the inanimate plastic bag with newspaper wrapped inside wouldn’t budge.

The sun is shining through the oaks and sumacs and evergreens. Each is covered with pollen dripping florets. And I sneeze… and I sneeze, again, and again and again. Spring has sprung in Tampa… and my Kleenex supply increases.

Today I have two simple goals in my work on my genealogy. The first, complete the transcription of the next 1822 Smith-related Indenture. I have already finished seven of 31 pages, 24 more to go. This one is a long one. My second goal is to gather together all documents and paperwork that I have regarding my Merrifield line.

Enjoy your coffee this morning.



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