Part 472s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Indenture Research – 1822 – Richard Oliver Smith – 5 of 6

14 March 2011


Following up with my announcement in Part 467s, and my search and research of the genealogy of ggg-grandfather James Smith here is the 5th installment of six parts of the 1822 Richard Oliver Smith Indenture.

It is specific to the ownership of Revolution Hall Estate and the adjoining lands.

The images of Pages 204 through and including 208 are downloaded from the microfilm FHL [1563379].

My transcription continues from Page 203 presented in Part 471s.


Or any of their Counsel in the Law shall be reasonably devend? or advised and required And
the said Edmund Broderip the Elder doth hereby for himself his heirs executors and administrators
covenant promise and agree with and to the said James Evan Baillie Hugh Duncan Baillie and
George Henry Ames their executors administrators and a∫signs ^ in manner following (that is to say) he thesaid Edmund
Broderip the Elder hath not at any time hereto for and do done committed permitted or
suffered any act deed matter or thing whatsoever whereby or by reason or means whereof the Life interest
of him thesaid Edmund Broderip the Elder of or in the said Sum of Five thousand one hundred
and five pounds part of the aforesaid Sum of Four thousand one hundred and five pounds or his expectant
or eventual interest in the same Sum of Four thousand one hundred and five pounds are is can shall
or may be impeached charged affected or incumbered in title interest or otherwise howsoever or whereby he
may be prevented or hindered from postponing the same or any part thereof to the Security hereby made
or intended so to be according to the true intent of these presents And also that he the said
Edmund Broderip the Elder his executors administrators and a∫signs shall and will at his or
their own costs and Charges upon any reasonable request of the said James Evan Baillie Hugh
Duncan Baillie and George Henry Ames or any of them their or any of their executors
administrators or a∫signs respectively or any other Person or Persons beneficially interested in or
under the present Security make do and execute all such further Acts deeds and a∫surances whatsoever
as shall or may be them or any of them or either or any of their Counsel in the Law devised or advised
and required for the further and better postponing the said Life and eventual interest of him the said
Edmund Broderip the Elder of or in the said Sums of Two thousand one hundred and five pounds
and Four thousand one hundred and five pounds respectively and every part thereof to the present Security
And lastly each and every of the said parties hereto doth hereby for himself and herself Constitute
and the point Andrew ^ Alexander Houston and George Munro both of the said Island of Grenada and each of them the
true and lawful Attornies and Attorney of the parties hereto and each and every of them for them and
every or any of them and in their and every or any of their names or name to appease before the Registrar
of the said Island or other proper Officer there and to acknowledge these Presents to be their several
Acts and deeds and for them respectively and on their several behalfs to require that the Same
may be registered or otherwise rendered effectual recording to the Laws and Usages of the said
Island and to do and cause to be done every other Act and thing nece∫sary in that behalf
In Witne∫s where of the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their Hands and Seals the
day and year first written.

The Schedule referred to by the foregoing Indenture

NameColourCountrySupposed AgeMarks
WebsterBlackAfrica38 YearsNone
PrinceCreole42 d°
Appollo60 d°
Ren35 d°
RichardMulatto23 d°
John FrancoisBlack42 d°
Baptiste34 d°
PortiousMulatto38 d°
BernardBlackAfrica65 d°Elephantiasis Legs


NameColourCountrySupposed AgeMarks
Males continued
CelestineCreole33 YearsNone
CustilloAfrica35 d°
George 2nd25 d°Country marks on his Body and Arms
GregoireCreole48 YearsNone
DawsonAfrica38 d°
Glomville38 d°
HuccoCreole40 d°
IssacAfrica60 d°
IanCreole46 d°
JohnstonAfrica38 d°
Olee45 d°
Pluto60 d°
Pollidore40 d°
Pope55 d°Country marks on his Face
Quastey45 d°None
Sam60 d°
Smith35 d°
Theodore40 d°Country marks on his Face
Ward45 d°None
Yorrick45 d°
Robe46 d°
AntoineCreole30 d°
Isaac30 d°
ArchyCafre30 d°
NoelBlack30 d°
John Charles30 d°Elephantiasis feet
Irun20 d°None
Dialbrock23 d°
Francois22 d°
John21 d°
Scipio18 d°
Nicco Nicco18 d°
William17 d°
Michell16 d°
Cuffee15 d°
Cade14 d°
Abraham15 d°
Ambie12 d°
Hugh12 d°
Stanley12 d°


NameColourCountrySupposed AgeMarks
Males continued
St. PierreBlackCreole12 YearsNone
Moris9 d°
Campbell9 d°
Joseph9 d°
Charles9 d°
Red?9 d°
_____6 d°
Thomas4 d°
George3 d°
Pompey3 d°
Wilson3 d°
Julius3 d°
Joseph2 d°
Joncinth7 Months
Barthelemey75 Years
Berel?Africa68 d°
Graham65 d°Country marks on his Face
Swift58 d°Blind of an Eye
Coleman55 d°None
Ragout80 d°
Canary?50 d°Marks one Arm
JulienCreole65 d°d° on Leg
DukeMulatto42 d°_____
OwenBlackAfrican50 d°None
York60 d°
AdelaideBlackCreole45 d°None
AdwayAfrica39 d°Country marks on her face
Be∫s45 d°
Cuba45 d°None
Gracey28 d°
Jloue?44 d°
JacklaineCreole40 d°
JennyAfrica44 d°
Lucinda60 d°
Louisa68 d°
Mary65 d°
Mary JannetteCreole45 d°
Mary Rose50 d°
Madlane61 d°


NameColourCountrySupposed AgeMarks
Females continued
Martha 1stBlackCreole33 YearsNone
Martha 2nd56 d°
MinervaAfrica40 d°
Maria39 d°
PhilideCreole40 d°
PhoebeAfrica37 d°
Ritta 1st54 d°
Ritta 2ndCreole25 d°
Rose34 d°
Rosette36 d°
Sybelle48 d°
SophieAfrica39 d°
ZabetteCreole42 d°
Clementina26? d°
Phillis28 d°
Anne26 d°
Catherine24 d°
Katy23 d°
Hannah28 d°
Mary20 d°
Grace19 d°
Sandy18 d°
Sally18 d°
Mary Bat?18 d°
Eve17 d°
Polly16 d°
Lucy17 d°
Phillis16 d°
Leah15 d°
Venus14 d°
Desire12 d°
Felicity11 d°
July11 d°
Dida?9 d°
Elizabeth9 d°
Mary Jane10 d°
Mary Lyce7 d°
Lyce7 d°
Lukey8 d°
Fanny18 d°


NameColourCountrySupposed AgeMarks
Females continued
AgnesBlackCreole6 YearsNone
Gracey 5 d°
Quasheba 3 d°
Cerille 3 d°
Margaret Mulatto3 d°
Dounda Black2 d°
Belinda 2 d°
Helena 2 d°
Catherine 65 d°
Penny 50 d°
Amelia Africa70 d°
Caroline 68 d°
Frances Creole30 d°
Floristine 70 d°
Annie Africa60 d°
Mary Louis 60 d°
Mary Jane Creole1 d°
Alay 1 d°
Mary Anne Mulatto4 Months
Betty Black3 d°

NamesAgeMother’s nameColourMalesFemales
By BirthKitty4 MonthsLucyMulatto01
Sabina3 d° AdwayBlack01
By BirthAlexander5 d° Ritta 2nd 10

NamesAgeColourConspicous marksHow acquiredMalesFemales
By purchase or otherwiseMary37BlackNonepurchased from W. Contham?01
NamesAgeMothers NameColourMalesFemales
{ George11 ½ MonthsLucyMulatto10
{ Pierre11 ½ d°SallyBlack10
By Birth{ Jim11 d°Rose10
{ Caroline5 d°Martha 1st01
{ Nancy4 d°Polly01

RO (LS) Smith JL Horner (LS) Edmund (LS) Broderip
Jas Evan (LS) Baillie Mary (LS) Smith Geo. H. (LS) Ames Edmund (LS) Broderip Jr

Signed Sealed and delivered by the within named James Evan Baillie in the presence of
Jer: O∫borne Solr. Bristol
Jnn. Leng

The last three Pages of this Indenture will be a subsequent Posting. Stay-tuned.




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