Part 474 - Smith Robertson Genealogy - YDNA and mtDNA Updates

20 March 2011


As I have mentioned and written before we are collecting the results of YDNA and mtDNA testing. The testing, conducted through Family Tree DNA, provides us with another vehicle and possibility in the search of our genealogy and ancestry. If anyone is interested please feel free to get in touch with me for further details.

All-things-being-equal, we now have the possible tests results that would assist in determining the mtDNA of Aunt Cécile Esme (née Smith) Olton and her mother, Grandmother Jeanne Lucie Ernestine (née Abraham) Smith, then Mann. All of their mothers and grandmothers in this maternal line should have the same mtDNA results. The predicted and possible Haplogroup is J1b1. Thank you Z.

The first series of YDNA test results are now in for our Robertson line which include Uncles John, Stuart, Jimmy, and Malcolm and their father, grandfather Frederick Henry Robertson. Theoretically, and based on the scientific know-how, this will include all our Robertson grandfathers and sons. Loci 1-37 and 48-67 are back. We’re still waiting the pending lab results for Loci 38-47. The predicted Haplogroup is R1b1a2. Thanks G.

My Smith confirmed Haplogroup is R1b1a2a*. Per the readings and model I understand that this includes all males descended from ggg-grandfather James Smith. This includes every son, that I am currently aware, of the Smiths, Lloydsmiths, Lloyd-Smiths, Malins-Smiths, and Landreth-Smiths. Check out the Haplogroup results of both the Smiths and the Robertsons. Also I have been recently accepted for the new “Walk Through The Y” test. Stay tune for the details and early results.

My maternal Haplogroup, the mtDNA results, is H1a1. This result applies to all Robertson sisters and the daughters and sons. It all applies to our maternal line – Robertson, Goodey, Crossley, Parker, and Kendal.

The Family Finder test results are due in April. Together with the YDNA and the mtDNA tests, the Family Finder Test is supposed to help find family across all lines. Who knows? Stay-tuned.




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