Part 475 – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – New YDNA and mtDNA Ascendancy Chart

20 March 2011


Updating my records and the information that I have on file, I have created a Brunhammer YDNA and mtDNA Ascendancy Chart. The Chart ends, (that is, at the bottom of the Chart), with Andy Brunhammer. As you can see his YDNA and mtDNA Haplogroups are I2a2 and X2e1a1, respectively.

If you are a male Brunhammer or Brunhamer and are descended from J (Jacques) Brunhammer and M (Marie) née Katz, the original Brunhammer immigrants to United States, who arrived at Philadelphia in 1875 and 1876, respectively, your Haplogroup coding and results should be the same; I2a2.

Based on the theory and the genetic results all male Bruhammers, Brunhammers, and Brunhammers descended from Joannes Conradus Bruhammer, who was born about 1704, should all have the same or near to the same YDNA result. Joannes Conradus Bruhammer was Andy’s 6-times great-grandfather. That also is a total of nine generations.

Based on the rarity of the Haplogroup coding, we have discovered that there is a possibility that 6-times great-grandfather Joannes Conradus Bruhammer, or at least his previous ancestors may have been from Dalmatia. Today Dalmatia is mostly in Croatia, with some parts in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro. (See Wikipedia.)

Andy’s mtDNA Haplogroup, which he received from his maternal Doherty line, is X2e1a1. All of Andy’s brothers and sisters should have the same mtDNA results. This mtDNA information is passed to all their daughters and sons, but it is only the daughters who pass it on. He received his mtDNA from his mother Myrtle Francis Gertrude (née Doherty) Brunhammer who received hers from her mother Myrtle H. (née Holmes) Doherty. This continues back from mother to daughter to daughter, and in this case back, based on our records, to Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes.

Tracing back this information from the Haplogroup, it is possible that Andy’s maternal lineage may have come, at some point in time, from Altai in Southern Siberia. Today the Altai Republic is a part of Russia. (See Wikipedia.)

All testing has been done by Family Tree DNA. If you have any questions or comments please feel free.




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