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17 April 2011


It’s been a hectic couple of past days… and between each breathing moment I try to work on my genealogy and ancestry. Yes I am obsessed with genealogy.

I have received a number of emails asking questions regarding inter-connections and possible links regarding all eight branches of my Family Tree. I welcome the inquiries, questions, and requests. I try to answer all, and I mean all of the questions and your comments, as soon as I can.

For anyone with questions regarding a surname or some word reference that I may have included in my Postings, I have provided the “Search This Blog” box in the right-hand column. A surname can be typed into the “Search This Blog” box and the “Search” button can be pressed or clicked on. All-things-being-equal, the Goggle Blogger’s functionality searches through the Postings on A Genealogy Hunt and should return the number of Postings that may include that which has been typed into the “Search This Blog” box.

In the center column is my “Most Recent 20 Postings” list of links. The number 1 link should be the immediate previous Posting to the current one that shows up initially and at the Home position of A Genealogy Hunt. I attempt to update the “Most Recent 20 Postings” almost immediately after entering and displaying a brand new Post. I try to ensure that a live link is in place, so that a reader can click on the link and be immediately transported to the Post that is being referenced and titled.

Please be aware that I do not post or provide any gedcom files of my database in A Genealogy Hunt. In this wise I can almost guarantee that I am not providing any information or details concerning or about any living relatives or family members. I am sure that you will appreciate the confidentiality.

I invite comments, questions, thoughts, and ideas to my genealogy work and research. I am also open to suggestions on how others may believe that I can always improve A Genealogy Hunt.

Apart from the main thrust of the ancestral search and research, I am continuing with my Transcription Project of the Grenada Registers of Records. This of course has an explicit desired outcome of which is the search and scrutiny of any hint or clue to the origins of my 3-times great-grandfather James Smith.

The other work is my DNA Project of which I am currently stumbling through trying to understand the detailed results provided and offered by the relevant vendors. I am now awaiting the results of the extended Family Tree DNA Y-DNA111 Marker Tests for the Smith, Robertson, and Brunhammer paternal lines.

I have received the first wave of test results from the Family Tree DNA Family Finder and Walk Through The Y products. I will state categorically that I, in no way, am a geneticist nor a DNA expert. There is a ton of technical, theoretical, and scientific data that would take me eons to read and comprehend. This exercise is elementary and at the throes of the beginnings of the sciences. If there are any experts, or perceived experts – pro or con, I certainly would appreciate the layman’s version of the techno-jargon.

Regarding Autosomal DNA I am now in the process of comparing the results of two of the three firms that I have received testing. I have received the results from Ancestry by DNA and Family Tree DNA. The third, 23andMe has proposed that their results will be available in about a month and a half.

As a note, I am fully aware that all the genealogy DNA results are based on conjecture, theory, and applicable databases as well as previous scientific study and documentation. I rest on the fact that the information of the results received in no wise will definitively provide me with a fixed and unchanging ancestral result of matching ancestors. I stand by the statement that the result information MAY provide a POSSIBILTY of a PROBABILITY of a common ancestor between two test results. The information, details and the results are certainly food for thought that is something to keep my grey matter functioning.

Oh and I just discovered a new tool, Panopreter Plus that is available as a free download in Microsoft at the 2003 level. This product/tool allows my PC to read back, that is, it converts text to speech. This is a good tool especially when I am proofing and working on a Posting or a document.

Enjoy your spring, in the snow or by the pool.



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