Part 495r – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Final Resting Place – Agnes Harriett (née Robertson) and John Morgan Davies

16 April 2011


Eureka, another key piece in the puzzle of the Robertson Genealogy.

Helen and Kevin have also located and photographed the headstone of the grave of grandaunt Agnes Harriet(t) (née Robertson) her husband granduncle John Morgan Davies. Thank you ever so much for sending me the images. Grandaunt Agnes Harriett was one of our grandfather Frederick Henry Robertson’s elder sisters.

You will note that I have added a second “t” in parentheses. The gravestone has grandaunt Agnes’ middle name engraved as Harriet whereas the spelling of the middle name on her 1883 Birth Registration and in the 1911 Census is with a double “tt”, "Harriett". See Part 67r.

Their burial site is in the cemetery grounds of The Parish Church of St. Lawrence Little Stanmore alias Whitchurch.

The following images, including the satellite view are of St Lawrence Little Stanmore Whitchurch which I found via Google Maps.

Thanks again to Helen and Kevin. If any family member, relative, and connection may have some images pertinent to our Family Genealogy and with today’s technology please send them to me for the Family Collection.

Thank you to those family and friends who have sent me emails regarding A Genealogy. If you have any comments, thoughts, and ideas to share feel free to contact me.




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