Part 483s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Smith YDNA Confirmed Haplogroup Updated

02 April 2011

Almost Afternoon,

Last night when I checked my Family Tree DNA account I discovered that my Smith YDNA Haplogroup had been updated. The Smith YDNA confirmed Haplogroup is R1b1a2a.

Previously it had been reported predicted as R1b1b2a. It is now, based on the most up-to-date testing, R1b1a2a. The “drilling-down” just keeps getting more and more exact.

I use the term “drill-down”, which of course I am not the author, because it helps me to understand that I have to keep examining genealogy and genetic data and information at a deeper level. Wikipedia gives a summary definition.

In information technology, to drill down means to move from summary information to detailed data by focusing in on something. In a GUI-environment, "drilling-down" may involve clicking on some representation in order to reveal more detail.

And from IBM WebSphere Dashboard Framework Glossary to drill down is -

The action of navigating from higher-level data or dashboard visualizations to more specific information in a hierarchical structure.

And that is what is happening in the search and pinpointing of my Smith ancestral origins. It is sort of what I do in my document research trying to discover the origins of ggg-grandfather James Smith.

In the above Y-Haplotree images the green codes are confirmed Haplogroup tests. It means that my YDNA tested positive at these levels. The red codes in the drill-down are where I tested negative. The orange code, specifically [L150 !] means that tests are available and in my case they are being conducted. The next two images provide, diagrammatically, those subgroups of my Haplogroup of which I do not belong. It is a process of elimination… Didn’t I say that genealogy is an exercise in elimination?

In the top image, at the bottom, is my Haplogroup Info. It present my Haplogroup coding of R1b1a2a and what appears to be a formula called “Tests”. The formula, at this point is

P25+ M343+ M269+ M207+ M173+ L49+ L23+ U198- U152- U106- SRY2627- P66- P312- P311- P310- P107- M73- M65- M37- M222- M18- M160- M153- M126- L51- L151- L11-

It is the combination of tests results that produce my Haplogroup. Each code is followed by a “+” or “-“. The “+” means that I tested positive. A “-“ means that the test result is negative.

And so I continue. The pending results for the “Family Finder” and “Walk Through the Y” tests are expected April 4 and 20, respectively.

Stay tuned, and enjoy.



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