Part 482r – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Robertson YDNA DYS Values In - Updated

02 April 2011

Early Morning,

Yes, I’m still up… and yes I never stop the never-ending search or research into my genealogy.

All YDNA DYS, that is, the DNA Y-chromosome Segment, values for Robertson are back from Family Tree DNA. Thanks G. I’ve updated my Smith YDNA and mtDNA Ascendancy Chart to include the new result.

The Predicted Robertson Haplogroup is R1b1a2.

I am amazed that there is only one 6-Genetic Distance Match to another Robertson. When comparing the 67 markers between the two Robertsons, the probability that there is a shared common ancestor within the last 12 generations or about 276 years is about 62%. Tracing back to 6-times great-grandfather John Robertson this would be about, plus or minus, 300 years to his birth circa 1700.

My maternal grandfather Frederick Henry Robertson’s YDNA Haplogroup is R1b1a2.

And I just noticed that there are new changes and result additions to my paternal Smith YDNA. Stay-tuned for the updates.




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