Part 494r – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Final Resting Place – Alexander Pirie and Elizabeth Charlotte (née Merrifield) Robertson

14 April 2011


There is a feeling of success when a piece of the puzzle of the search for an ancestor falls into to place. This, to me is one of those moments.

Helen and Kevin have located and photographed the headstone of the grave of great-grandparents Alexander Pirie and Elizabeth Charlotte (née Merrifield) Robertson. Thank you ever so much for sending me the image.

Great-grandmother Elizabeth Charlotte (née Merrifield) passed away 20 June 1926 at the age of 70 years. Great-grandfather Alexander Pirie Robertson died 20 October 1939. He was 84 years old. From the records I have been able to gather they had lived at 96 Alexandra Park Road, Wood Green, Edmonton in Middlesex, England.

See Part 80m for an image of the 1926 Certified Copy of An Entry Of Death for great-grandmother Elizabeth Charlotte Robertson. Also see Part 493r for a copy of the 1939 Entry of Death for great-grandfather Alexander Pirie Robertson.

Their burial site is in the cemetery grounds of East Finchley Cemetery, London. The distance today from the Cemetery to 96 Alexandra Park Road is about 2.4 miles or 3.9 kilometers.

The following images, including the satellite view are of East Finchley Cemetery originally called St. Marylebone Cemetery which I found via Google.

East Finchley: St Marylebone Cemetery: The lodge & entrance gates (Nigel Cox) / CC BY-SA 2.0

East Finchley Cemetery Chapel in distance, August 200. Photo - S. Williams

Thanks again to Helen and Kevin. If any family member, relative, and connection may have some images pertinent to our Family Genealogy, and with today’s technology, please send them to me for the Family Collection.

Please note that the work presented in A Genealogy Hunt is always under construction based on the information and data received. I am constantly updating my genealogy as new details are provided. If you have "family-related stuff" that you would like me to include in A Genealogy Hunt as a part of our Family History and Archive, please provide me with as much detail and corresponding information as you can.

Thank you to those family and friends who have sent me emails regarding A Genealogy Hunt. If you have any comments, thoughts, and ideas to share feel free to contact me.




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