Part 498s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – First 23andMe Results Returned – Paternal Haplogroup = R1b1b2a

26 April 2011


Well the “brain-learnin’” continues. This is an amazing trek trying to pinpoint the origins of my ancestors and my genealogy.

I received the first part of the results from my 23andMe testings. It appears that the results for my X and Y, aka the sex, chromosomes are back.

First of all my Paternal Haplogroup is registering as R1b1b2a. As recorded by 22andMe, R1b1b2a is a subgroup of R1b1b2. R1b1b2 is the most common Haplogroup in Western Europe, where its branches are clustered in various national populations. Per 23andMe, the above map approximates locations of Haplogroup R1b1b2 circa 500 years ago, before the era of intercontinental travel.

The positive factor of this result is that it is the same result and Haplogroup as tested by Family Tree DNA. But this is only the YDNA. I am still awaiting the other results.

This should be the same Haplogroup for all the male Smiths, Landreth-Smiths, Lloydsmiths, Lloyd-Smiths, Malins-Smiths, et al who are descended from ggg-grandfather James Smith of Grenada.

Next the mtDNA and my maternal line Haplogroup, and the Autosomal DNA.




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