Part 499r – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Second 23andMe Results Returned – Maternal Haplogroup = H1a1

26 April 2011


Part 498 presented the 23andMe testing results of my Paternal Line, the Smiths. Now I have my Maternal Line results from 23andMe. Ain’t Genealogy fun…

The Maternal Haplogroup is H1a1. H1a1 is a subgroup of H1. According to 23andMe the Haplogroup H1 is widespread in Europe, especially in the western part of the continent. It originated about 13,000 years ago, not long after the Ice Age ended.

The 23andMe map image shows the locations of Haplogroup H1 circa 500 years ago, before the era of intercontinental travel.

And halleluiah, my 23andMe Maternal Haplogroup of H1a1 correlates to my Family Tree DNA results, also H1a1. Something in the testings pan-out. This Maternal Haplogroup of H1a1 corresponds to my Maternal Line which includes the surnames Robertson, Goodey, Crossley, Parker, and Kendal. Just an fyi, my surname Smith is not, to my current knowledge and research, a part of my Maternal mtDNA.

At this point in time I am not saying where my deep ancestry is actually from, but more or less I am trying to make reason of the various results. This is an exercise in trying, with me as a “guinea-pig”, to understand a good portion of the genealogy technological jargon.

Now on to the Autosomal DNA results… Stay tuned for my next attempt to understand the results.




Anonymous said...

My maternal line is also H1a1: Names involved are:McKeen, McAlister, Stearns, Whitehouse. they all thought they had Native American genes but I guess not.

Bob Goodwin

Bob Goodwin said...

I guess I'm not anonymous. I would appreciate responses to Thank you. Bob Goodwin

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