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28 April 2011

Good Morning,

And this is my 500th Posting on A Genealogy Hunt.

The first draft of my genealogy Autosomal DNA results from 23andMe has been received. And as I understand these results do not include the X and Y, or sex chromosomes. These are the 22 biparental chromosomes or autosomes that I received from my parents. The 22 autosomes are actually pairs; one set of 22 from my father, Smith, and the other set of 22 from my mother, Robertson. (I had to look up a definition of the word – biparental – “Of or derived from two parents.”)

Here is my updated Venn diagram – Smith Robertson Autosomal DNA Test Results.

The 23andMe results, rounded, specific to geographic regions, are: Europe – 97%; Africa – 3%; and Asia – <1%. And how does this compare to my other results as provided by Ancestry By DNA and Family Tree DNA?

Geographic RegionAncestry By DNAFamily Tree DNA23andMe
Asia0%0%less than 1%
Indigenous American7%0%0%

Remember to note that the Ancestry By DNA tests were taken in 2005, whereas both the Family Tree DNA and 23andMe tests were conducted in 2011.

My next discussion will be to try and understand what Family Tree DNA calls the “Family Finder Illumina Omniexpress Chromosome Brower” and 23andMe labels , what looks the same, as “Ancestry Painting”.

Stay tuned to a next Posting. And, AB is most definitely recovering well.




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