Part 502r – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1967 Death – Frederick Henry Robertson

01 May 2011

Good Afternoon,

My grandfather Frederick Henry Robertson passed away in the Parish of Saint Andrew in Jamaica, 20 January 1967.

In my work and research of my ancestry and genealogy, I am always looking for the best documentation that I can find. From the Family History Library, I was able to find a series of 103 16mm microfilms of the St. Andrew Parish Death Registers dated from 1878-1995 as documented by the Office of the Jamaica Registrar General.

The listing for the Register entry is categorized, among 1,007 film notes as

Univ. Coll. of W.I. (BY 4654-4817) 1966 Cockburn Pen (BZ 1054-1181) 1966 Somerset (BAA 17-19) 1966 August Town (BAB 125-138) 1966 Lenna (BAC 8-11) 1966 Halfway Tree (BA 2551-2962) 1967 Gordon Town (BB 139-147) 1967 Content Gap (BC 79-86) 1967 Mt. Charles (BD 207-222) 1967 Temple Hall (BE 149-155) 1967 Cold spring (BF 31-34) 1967 Dallas Castle (BG 143-155) 1967 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1995417 Items 1-12 ]
Bull Bay (BH 98-103) 1967 Stony Hill (BI 110, 115-128) 1967 Lawrence Tavern (BK 486-508) 1967 Woodford (BL 84-88) 1967 Cross Roads (BM 5778-6553) 1967 St. James (BN 200-222) 1967 Brandon Hill (BO 129-135) 1967 Galloway (BP 45-48) 1967 Cavaliers (BQ 162-178) 1967 Salisbury Plain (BS 47-49) 1967 Red Hills (BT 141-150) 1967 Manning's Hill (BV 135-148) 1967 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1995417 Items 13-24 ]
Mary Brown's Corner (BW 574-618) 1967 Whitfield Town (BX 1330-1437) 1967 Univ. Coll. of W.I. (BY 4818-5067) 1967 - VAULT INTL Film [ 1995417 Items 25-27 ]

You will notice that the above entry lists “1966 Halfway Tree (BA 2551-2962)” and the Vault Intl microfilm is 1995417. As you can see from the above inserted Death Registration Form numbered 2568, the Date of Death entered for my grandfather is “Twentieth January 1967”. Also the date of the Registrar’s Certificate is “Twenty first January 1967”. The year “1967” does not correspond with the year “1966” provided in the film note from the Family History Library. The next “1967 Halfway Tree (BA 2963-3435)” is listed as available in FHL microfilm 1995430.

Is this an entry error or a bookkeeping mistake? Six-of-one, half-a-dozen-of-the-other… The key to my research is that at times I have to be open to “clerical” boo-boos, and just keep searching… especially if the directions or GPS is pointing to or in the wrong direction.

Here is my transcription of the 1967 Death Registration Form –


2. PARISH – St. Andrew 3. NO. – BA 2568
4. PLACE OF DEATH – 12 Ritchings Avenue


5. Date of Death – Twentieth January 1967
6. Full Name – Frederick Henry Robertson
7. Sex – Male 8. Condition – Married
9. Age – 78 years months days
10. Occupation or calling – Company Director
11. Birthplace – England


12.(a) Residence – 12 Ritchings Avenue
(b) Town or Village – Liguanea
(c) Parish – St. Andrew


I (Immediate Cause)
(a) Coronary thrombosis
due to
due to

II (Contributory)

14. Certified by – R. H. Shoucair
Registered Medical Practitioner


15. Name and Surname – Neville Clarke
16. Qualification – Person who caused the body to be buried
17.(a) Residence – 5 Oxford Road
(b) Town or Village – Cross Roads
(c) Parish – St. Andrew

Neville Clarke
Signature of Informant


18.(a) Signed in my presence by the said informant
(b) ---------
19. Witness
20. Date – Twenty first January 1967
21. Signed – T E Grant
Deputy Registrar

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