Part 515b – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – YDNA 111 Test Results – Possible I2a2a or I2a2b Haplogroup

29 May 2011

Good Early Morning,

The first test results of the new Family Tree DNA YDNA 111 markers have returned. We have now an extended set of YDNA Marker results for the Brunhammer Family Genealogy.

According to Family Tree DNA, this test which is only for males, provides “results that identify the deep ancestral origins of the paternal line. It includes a panel of 111 Y chromosome Short Tandem Repeat (STR) markers. The large number of markers refine the predicted time period in which two individuals share a common ancestor…

From the results of the markers a haplogroup is determined. From Genealogy, “Haplogroups characterize the early migrations of specific population groups, and therefore, can potentially be used to connect your distant ancestry with a particular geographical region… Haplogroups are assigned letters of the alphabet, and refinements consist of additional and letter combinations…

Andy’s Brunhammer Haplogroup has been confirmed by Family Tree DNA as I2a2. All-things-being-equal this haplogroup classification is very rare. (See the Wikipedia entry.) The highest frequencies of the I2a2 haplogroup showing up can be suggested to around Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Croatia.

Coupled with the most recent YDNA 111 marker testings, we are waiting for the results of the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) L161. You can see, in the above inserted Y-Haplotree that the L161 “branch” is in a light blue. This means that the Family Tree DNA test is in progress. If the test result is negative, that is L161-, this would mean that Andy’s Brunhammer deeper ancestry is more than likely not included in this branch of the YDNA Family Tree.

According to one of the Group Administrators of the Family Tree DNA – Y-Haplgroup 12a Project, he just wrote and said that “Based on your (Andy’s) 111 marker results, we can predict with confidence that you will test L161-. All people in our Dinaric-N, Dinaric-S, and Disles groups have tested L161-.” And we had to look Dinaric and Disles up.

The Dinaric Alps is a mountain range in West Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia, connected with the main Alpine system by the Julian Alps. (Check out Wikipedia’s entry – Dinaric Alps.) This mountain ranges extends for 401 miles (645 kilometers). Disles is another matter. This is a newly-coined word specific to the most recent research of YDNA. From what I read, there seems to have been possible movement, albeit migration, between the Dinaric Alps, Scandinavia, the Scottish Isles, and Ireland.

As relayed by the Group Administrator, “the term Dinaric is not meant to imply that Andy’s (the Brunhammer’s) group originated in the Dinaric Alps, just that is common there. Another place of origin could be in Poland, Belarus, and Russia where the Salvic people originated. The Dinaric DNA type is strongly associated with the Slavic people but it is also found in Hungarians, Germans, Greeks, Italians, etc.” And we keep testing to find further possibilities of the deep ancestry and origins of the Brunhammer Family Line.

And what does all this mean? The Brunhammer YDNA Haplogroup is I2a2. The Tests results, positioning on the Y-Haplotree are:

L21^, M170^, M258^, P19^, P212^, P38^, PS76^, U179^, L68^, M438^, P215^, P37.2^, L178^, M423+, and P41.2-.

The “^” symbol means “Presumed Positive”. The “+” equals “Tested Positive”, and the “-” represents “Tested Negative”. As mentioned above we’re awaiting confirmation of the test results for L161.

Stay tuned…

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