My Tangent - Arlene Is Keeping Me Cooler - For The Short Spell

29 June 2011

Morning from the humid and hot, almost depths of Central Florida.

The sky is overcast and the humidity is still 82%. We're still without the AC and searching for the 18% that has to be certainly less damp and sticky.

Presently we are under the far-reaching "overcast-ness" of Tropical Storm Arlene. She's keeping the Heat Index hovering at about 80°F (27°C)... and this is Day Number 4 without the life-cooling, ever pleasant air conditioning.

As the time drags on, I find myself slowing down, more and more. It is becoming a chore to deal with this lack of cool house environment. The clamminess and constant sweating takes one hell of a toll on one's psyche. I have been forcing myself to think about my research of my genealogy, at least to keep my mind somewhat pre-occupied.

And then I think that our own personal disaster is nothing compared to what has most recently happened in other parts of the world... But I can honestly say that I would not know how to react should a disaster such as an earthquake, a tsunami, a fire, a flood, or such other major force of nature hit me.

Yesterday we discovered another after effect of the lightning strike at Interlake Drive was that the computer boards on the refrigerator were also fried. They got zapped. So taking toll, at this point of the week, damages include the cooling fan and a mother board in the air conditioning unit; two coils and two component boards of the refrigerator; two of the pool lighting systems control boards fried; four lights of the landscape lighting gizmo; a control board in the garage door operating contraption; and the satellite nuclear alarm clock is now on the fritz. And believe it or not this house is protected.

My thoughts of my research and search for the origins of ggg-grandfather James Smith as well as our quilting efforts, currently on Colored Windows II have certainly slowed down to a snail's pace.

Last evening, in the darkness of the night, with the drone of ceiling and floor fans I spent a couple of hours playing my piano. Praise be that the ZapCap surge protector worked on my Baby Grand.

And looking at the bright side, that is in this overcast weather of gloom and doom, I have composed and written this My Tangent completely with Ubuntu. I have broken the shackles of Windows.




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